Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids on an Airplane

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Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids on an Airplane

Are you ready for some essential tips for traveling with kids on an airplane? I have you covered plus a list of MUST HAVES to buy! Traveling with kids can be both exciting and daunting, especially when it involves air travel. Whether you’re jetting off for a family vacation or visiting loved ones, careful planning and the right gear can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth journey for everyone. Here’s how to make flying with kids a breeze:

1. Prepare Ahead with Engaging Activities

To keep little ones entertained during the flight, pack a variety of activities. Consider coloring books, interactive games, and small toys that won’t disturb fellow passengers. For more ideas, check out my comprehensive list of airplane activities for kids.

2. Essential Travel Gear

Certain travel accessories can significantly enhance your flying experience with children. Here are some must-have items from our curated travel list:

  • Bunny Backpack: A cute and functional backpack for kids to carry their own essentials.
  • Snack Pack Stack: Perfect for storing a variety of snacks to keep hunger at bay.
  • Airplane Tray (Pink): Specifically designed to fit on airplane trays, making mealtime less messy.
  • Disposable Airplane Tray Covers: Hygienic covers to keep tray tables clean and germ-free.
  • Pink Rolling Bag: A compact, easy-to-maneuver bag for carrying extra clothes and toys.
  • Bev Ledge: Provides a stable surface to hold drinks and snacks securely during the flight.

3. Plan for Comfort

Dress your children in comfortable layers to accommodate temperature changes onboard. Additionally, consider bringing a small travel pillow and blanket to help them relax during the flight.

4. Snack Smartly

Pack a variety of healthy snacks that your children enjoy. Opt for items that are easy to eat and won’t create a mess. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by bringing refillable water bottles and filling them up after passing through security.

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Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids on an Airplane

As a mama to 4 who has been through many ages and stages- I have thought long and hard on the best items to have…making traveling seamless! 

I wanted to write this in hopes that a few of these tips could help you too! One thing that I forgot to mention was that the first 5-10 minutes we used baby wipes to clean the seats, handles, tray, window etc- little ones love “helping”

and it accomplishes the obvious- a clean area! 

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AIRPLANE ACTIVITIES WITH KIDS/ Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids on an Airplane

SILLY PUTTY: my little ones are obsessed with this. Such an easy thing to throw into my purse and take on the go! And it adds in some fun nostalgia from when we were little, too. The best part is that it doesn’t leave a mess, and makes my kids so happy. I love this pack from amazon because its easy and convenient to hand out to little friends too!

MAGNETIC BUILDING TILES: kids have so much room for creativity with these! They are easy to pack up and take on the go. I love that they all stay together, are super colorful, entertain for long stretches, and can even become a family activity. Love!

STICKERS: Melissa and Doug always has the perfect things for little hands! We love these sticker booklets that keep the kids entertained for ages. My girls especially love the Mermaid and Princess sets. The can create little scenes and stories all their own! These lasted a long time on the plane for my littlest love!

MOVIES: Sometimes the easiest way to pass the time on long flights is with their favorite movies. It’s always nice if mom and dad can enjoy them, too! We love Frozen and Stickman – both keep the whole family watching.

APPS: some of our favorite apps, especially for Adelaide on a plane ride are: Baby Coloring, Kiddopia, Balloon Pop, and Toddler Dress Up! Not only do they pass the time, but she learns something and expresses her creativity along the way!

MELISSA AND DOUG ON THE GO WATER WOW: these little pads are genius! You just fill up the little water pen, and your kiddos can go to town coloring every page without needing a million different markers. Plus, they’re reusable, so you’ll get so much use out of them!

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Make Memories at Your Destination

Despite the challenges of traveling with kids, the experiences and memories you create are well worth the effort. Exploring new places, trying different cuisines, and discovering unique cultures together as a family can enrich your lives in ways that last far beyond the journey itself. By taking the time to plan and prepare, you can maximize the enjoyment of your trip and create cherished moments that your children will remember for years to come.

Being PREPARED helps avoid chaos

Being prepared is the key to minimizing chaos when traveling with kids. By planning ahead and packing essential gear like entertainment options, snacks, and comfort items, you can create a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for both children and adults. Remember, a well-prepared travel kit tailored to your family’s needs can turn what might seem like a daunting journey into a fun adventure. Bon voyage!

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June 22, 2024


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