Our Seaside Picnic

seaside picnic Our Seaside Picnic

This summer has been restorative, filled with intentional connection, beautiful travel, and lots of memories made with the ones that we love! Our trip to Seaside, FL was nothing short of magical — and our seaside picnic felt like an actual dream!

seaside picnic foods seaside picnic ideas seaside picnic ideasseaside picnic aesthetic Making Time for The Important Moments

It’s so important to me that even in the busiest or hardest moments, we still build in these precious memories for our children. As you may have seen me share, we are currently in the process of renovating our new home, I didn’t want this to take away from our family’s summer plans, especially since last summer was so different for us all. Seaside really is such a special place for us all, and I was very grateful to be able to spend time there together this year!

We stayed in a lovely home, that was a bike ride to get into town and to our favorite restaurants and family activities. We went to the beach every day, and if you’ve never been to Seaside I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful the beaches are here! The water is crystal clear, the sand is powdery white, it’s truly magical! My children love the beach, as do Chris and I, so we spend countless hours just soaking it all in.

seaside picnic ideas seaside picnic ideas seaside picnicseaside picnic aestheticseaside picnicOur Boho Seaside Picnic

This year, I wanted to make extra special memories at the beach, which is why I booked a special picnic with Fresco Picnic Company. They have the best seaside picnic ideas! They set up such a lovely spread, beach toys for the kids, a gorgeous table with lovely place settings, florals, and boho touches. They hung cafe lights, and layered in so many sweet whimsical touches. There were food boards special for our children, charcuterie, and a lovely cake, and other seaside picnic food! Such a gorgeous seaside picnic aesthetic!

The best part was that we told our children we were taking family photos on the beach, but didn’t let them know about the special seaside picnic, and kept it a total surprise. The looks on their faces were priceless! I loved seeing them feel so special and celebrated. To sit back as their mama and watch them play on the beach together, running in the sand, laughing with big smiles, made my heart so full. I felt such gratitude well up in me when I looked around the table and was met by each of the faces that I love so dearly.

seaside picnic aesthetic seaside picnic seaside picnic ideasseaside picnic seaside picnicPhotographing Memories to Last a Lifetime

I’m really happy that we had photos taken at this picnic, such beautiful memories captured to last a lifetime! And to remember my kiddos exactly as they are in this season, is really special to me. It felt like magic that day for us all, a moment that we will always hold onto. I can’t wait to frame these special photos to hang in our home.

I want these photos to serve as a reminder to make the time to slow down in life, to let joy in even during the harder seasons, and that life is always worth celebrating!

seaside picnic foodseaside picnic foodseaside picnicseaside picnic foodseaside picnic aesthetic

photography here


August 16, 2021


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