Ice Cream Cone Balloon Sticks

ice cream cone balloon sticks pin 2Ice Cream Cone Balloon Sticks

I love a good theme and planning parties is a favorite of mine! You guys loved the ice cream cone cookies, so I’m sharing another fun idea that would bring the ice cream party theme to life — ice cream cone balloon sticks!

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ice cream cone balloon sticks 2Ice Cream Balloon Sticks

What you’ll need

+ Balloons +

+ Streamers+

+ Stapler+

+ Balloon Sticks+

+ Glue+

+ Hot glue gun and glue sticks+

+ Card stock (tone of an ice cream cone) +

+ Construction paper+

+ Mini pom poms+


ice cream cone balloon sticksHow to Make

1. Blow up Balloons in various colors.

2. Tie to balloon sticks.

3. Make cones out of card stock by rolling to a point, leave hole in bottom for balloon stick to fit.

4. Use glue and or stapler to fuse cone shape together.

5. Grab your streamers and cut them into fun fringes, these will be used for edges. Fold these over the top of the cone and glue or staple. You can add as many layers as you like!

6. Create ice cream toppings like sprinkles out of various color construction paper, glue them on with regular glue (not hot glue!).

7. Glue pom pom on top like a cherry.

8. Lastly, you’ll slide the balloon stick into the cone and glue the balloon to the cone.

Such a cute decoration to put up in centerpieces or to hand off to each kiddo!

For an ice cream party theme you can have an ice cream sundae station, those cute ice cream cone cookies that I shared, these balloons, and there are tons of fun ideas on Pinterest for games and decor! This would also be sweet as an end of school year/ kick off to summer party!

For more fun ideas check out my kids party list here
and my full Amazon storefront here!


Casey Wiegandice cream cone balloon sticks amazon


April 28, 2023


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