Quick Daily Cleaning Checklist

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Quick Daily Cleaning Checklist

Keeping a tidy home when you’re a mother being pulled into a thousand different directions is arguably one of the hardest parts of raising little ones. Take heart. With this guide to a quick daily cleaning checklist you can iron out the everyday messes in just 30 minutes a day. Let’s get started!

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Start With Daily Cleaning Habits

To stay on top of everyday messes, implement small, daily cleaning habits. The list below can be accomplished in under 30 minutes as you get ready for the day. While these new habits may take some getting used to, the results are huge.


  • Make bed (2 min)
  • Put things back as you use them (5 min): clothes, shopping bags, shoes, jewelry, books, devices
  • Spot vacuum carpets with small vacuum (2 min)


  • Wash dishes after each meal (5 min)
  • Wipe down table after each meal (1 min)
  • Wipe down kitchen countertops (1 min)
  • Gather soiled towels or cloths and put in laundry (30 sec)


  • Wipe down bathroom sinks and countertops (5 min)
  • Scrub the toilet with brush (30 sec)
  • Hang towels up to dry (30 sec)
  • Put things back as you use them (4 min): makeup, tooth brush, toothpaste, hair supplies


  • Put things back as you use them (5 min): daily mail, pillows, throw blankets, backpacks, shopping bags
  • Sweep or spot vacuum any high traffic areas (5 min)


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How To Be Successful with New Habits

According to author Charles Duhigg, to implement a new habit you must first identify the routine, experiment with rewards, isolate the cue, and have a plan.

  • Identify the routine: The quick daily cleaning checklist above can be completed as you get ready for the day, when you come home in the evening, or during your child’s nap time. Make the routine work for you and your schedule.
  • Experiment with rewards: After you complete your daily list, treat yourself. The reward can be as simple as a hot cup of coffee or splurging on some new essential oils for your kitchen diffuser. Either way, the goal is for your brain to begin to associate your new cleaning habits with something positive.
  • Isolate the cue: identify the obstacles that pop up and cause you to want to quit on your new habits. Find solutions to overcome these and stay open to changing direction in order to be successful.
  • Have a plan: Use a checklist to hold you accountable. Set a timer. Involve the whole family in your plan to keep the house tidy. The more people that support your new habits, the greater your chance of success.

thieves young living natural non-toxic cleaner for quick daily cleaningAdd Weekly Cleaning Tasks

In addition to quick daily cleaning tasks, spend about 15-20 minutes once a week doing a deeper dive on one of these tasks:

  • Inventory, empty, and wipe down fridge.
  • Wet mop hard floors.
  • Vacuum carpets/rugs.
  • Thoroughly wipe down showers, toilets, and tubs.
  • Launder dish rags, towels, and bedding.
  • Deep clean kitchen appliances.
  • Dust surfaces in all living areas.
  • Mop floors in all living areas

FREE Quick Daily Cleaning Checklist PDF Download

Use A Quick Daily Cleaning Checklist

While every person is motivated differently, research overwhelmingly shows that having a checklist can improve focus and productivity. I’ve created the FREE Quick Daily Cleaning Checklist for just this reason. Download HERE or click on the image above. Print, share, and hang wherever it helps you stick to your new cleaning routine. Enjoy that tidy home!

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October 27, 2019


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