Mother Daughter Journaling: Reviews Are In!

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Heart to Heart  is mother daughter journaling all about deepening connections, fostering heartfelt conversations, and creating precious memories together.

As a mom to three daughters, I truly believe in the power of mother daughter journaling as a means of strengthening the bond between mothers and daughters. Through shared thoughts, reflections, and memories, journaling can create a unique and lasting connection that transcends time.

Heart to Heart is a testament to the beautiful bond shared between mothers and daughters, a journey I hold dear to my heart.

To make this dream a reality, I’ve partnered with the wonderful Paper Peony Press, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the collaboration. Together, we’ve crafted a journal that’s now available on Amazon, ready to be a cherished companion for mothers and daughters!

mother daughter journaling caseyleigh co mother daughter journalingA Little Bit About What Makes Heart To Heart So Special

+ Thoughtful Conversation Prompts +

Dive into meaningful discussions with carefully curated mother daughter journaling prompts that will spark open and honest dialogue between you and your daughter.

+ Unique Artwork and Hand Lettering +

Immerse yourselves in the beauty of art and hand-lettered quotes that celebrate the essence of motherhood and the mother daughter bond. Adorned with carefully chosen illustrations and hand lettering to make your journaling experience magical and to spark mother daughter journal ideas! The art gives the feel of mother daughter journal diy and mother daughter journal printable. The beautiful artwork and hand lettering begins with the mother daughter journal cover and continues through its pages.

+ Share Sweet Memorable Moments +

Take a trip down memory lane together with dedicated pages for recording cherished moments.  It can be a spontaneous adventure, a shared laugh, favorite vacations, or a quiet moment of connection. Write about how that memory makes you feel and what you’ve learned from each other in that moment. These pages will become a living testament to your unique journey together.

+ Engage In Thoughtful Inquisitive Discussion +

Heart to Heart is designed to breakdown communication barriers. With pages curated for mothers and daughters to ask each other questions and share their heartfelt answers. It’s a beautiful way to discover new facets of each other’s personalities. Heart to Heart is filled with ideas and inspiration and prompts to allow you to make this experience your own.

+ Ideas For Mothers And Daughters To Connect+

Explore creative and fun ideas for bonding, making every moment count. From simple joys to special days, Heart to Heart provides inspiration for cultivating a deeper connection through shared experiences.

mother daughter journaling 1mother daughter journaling caseyleigh co The Reviews Are In!

“I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my daughter. She was actually very excited about it. I will fill out a couple of pages at a time and then set it in “our secret spot” and she’ll get it and then do the same. It’s a wonderful way to communicate and learn fun things about each other that sometimes we don’t always talk about. My daughter even said she was excited to delve deeper into our relationship and learn/discover things about us. And she’s 16! Great gift or wonderful journal to have to share love with your daughter. I highly recommend!” – LydK

Got it for my daughter for Christmas. It’s one of our favorite things to do together! I love reading her notes and writing my own. She also loves writing in it and enjoys that’s is “our thing” ❤️ – Alex

“I bought this after I had my second baby as a way to have special time and connectionnwith my first(7) who was struggling a bit with the changes. She loved it.. bedtime routine and then journaling and snuggles.” – Kathleen Rigg

mother daughter journaling 3mother daughter journaling 4Foster A Powerful Bond Between Mothers And Daughters With Heart To Heart

My hope for Heart to Heart is that mothers and daughters can gift each other the invaluable present of connection and mother daughter journaling. This journal is a vessel waiting to be filled intentionally, page by page, with the essence of your hearts. Let’s prioritize one of the most beautiful relationships that exist – the bond between a mother and daughter.

I am so excited for you all to discover the magic that happens when hearts speak to each other. You can grab your copy of Heart to Heart on Amazon!


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March 18, 2024


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