Hosting Aesthetic ( And A Look At Our Girls Week)

hosting aesthetic pin 1hosting aesthetic casey wiegandHosting Aesthetic ( And A Look At Our Girls Week)

I had the joy of hosting a girl’s week with some of my dear friends who have joined me in my business journey it was such a treat to spend this time gathering together! I have such a heart for gathering people together, whether it be kid’s parties, family holidays, girl’s weekends, or dinner parties! Filling our home with community and making those that we care about feel loved and welcome in our home brings me so much joy!  Keep reading for a few hosting aesthetic tips that I think can help to make everything run smoothly, and feel fun and special!

hsoting aesthetic party casey wiegandhosting aesthetic foodhosting aesthetic dinnerTop Hosting Tips

+ Welcome Bags +

Putting together a fun little bag for guests who are staying is a sweet touch. Ideas of things to add in would be local snacks, something cozy like a sleep mask, lip balms, or a handwritten note. Any personal touch can go the extra mile!

+ Itinerary +

Depending on what type of weekend this will be, this could be super casual and just have a couple of things for each day, or it could be a detailed timeline. Either way, printing out an itinerary for each girl is a great way to keep everyone on the same page and excited for all that is to come for the weekend!

+ Create a breakfast bar +

Mornings can be a bit chaotic when hosting, I find a grab and go breakfast bar with lots of options is always a hit! I like to start off with coffee ready and mugs easy to grab on this mug stand. For the juice drinkers I have juice chilling in this flower ice mold and these gorgeous colored glasses near by.

You can add things like fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits, bagels, breads, muffins. These are all simple and look great displayed on a cake platter. You can go the extra mile with bacon, sausage, omelettes or make ahead breakfast bakes perfect for hosting aesthetic food. I love to serve all of this up on a beautiful serving tray. Don’t forget to have your plates handy so guests can grab what they’d like! Mornings are a great time for everyone to grab what they love to eat and gather around in community for a meal together.

You can also work on hosting aesthetic dinner, or head out for dinner to your favorite local place! Be sure to make reservations in advance and to know if any of your guests have dietary needs.

Check out my Kitchen List for most hosting aesthetic must haves!

+ Matching PJs/ Cozies +

I love the idea of grabbing matching PJs or even cute matching sweatshirts or slippers etc. Something that you and your girls can all wear together!

+ Get Active +

We had a yoga event. You could totally throw something on the TV or plan a nature hike or walk around your town. I think breaking up all of the lounging with some sort of activity is welcomed by all!

+ Make something together +

DIY friendship bracelets, a cute craft to bring home, something that you can make together to commemorate your weekend and your friendship is super special and a great activity to work on together! So fun for hosting aesthetic party!

A few of these tips can go a long way to make your girls weekend feel extra special! I love nothing more than being able to gather with dear friends and to spend time with women that fill up my friendship cup!


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January 29, 2024


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