Fridge Organization Must Haves

fridge organization pin 2fridge organization hacks casey wiegandfridge organization hacksFridge Organization Must Haves

As a mama to four kids, the arrival of the new year brings a sense of renewal and the opportunity for a fresh start. I thrive on the idea of decluttering, streamlining, and giving everything a designated place, especially when it comes to our kitchen.

As a family committed to year-round healthy eating, the new year serves as a reset button for us, and effective fridge storage and organization play a crucial role in maintaining our wellness goals.

One of my go-to destinations for organizing products is Amazon, where I’ve discovered some of my absolute favorites for organizing that make the process not only efficient but also stylish.

fridge organization small refrigeratorsfridge organization side by side fridge organization ideas casey wiegandHere Are A Few Of My Favorite Amazon Finds

1. Stackable Fridge Drawers

These stackable fridge drawers are a game-changer especially if you take a look at our fridge organization side by side. They maximize space, making it easy to organize fruits, vegetables, and snacks. Now, everything has its own designated spot, making meal prep a breeze.

2. Lazy Susan Turn Table

The lazy susan turn table is a versatile solution for the kitchen. It is perfect for fridge organization ideas and allows for easy access to condiments, sauces, or even small pantry items. No more reaching to the back of the shelf – just give it a spin!

3. Pink and Cream Small Bowl Container

These adorable small bowl containers in pink and cream add a touch of style to our kitchen shelves. Perfect for storing leftovers or small portions, they’re both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Pink Nesting Storage Containers

Nesting storage containers are a must-have for any organized kitchen. These pink containers not only keep our pantry tidy but also add a pop of color. Plus, the nesting feature saves valuable space and really play into the fridge organization aesthetic.

5. White Colander

A white colander is not just a kitchen essential but also a timeless piece. Its sleek design helps our meal preparation process because it’s practical for rinsing fruits and vegetables.

6. Cream Lunch Container

For busy days on the go, this cream lunch container is a lifesaver. It keeps our packed lunches organized and fresh, ensuring we stay on track with our healthy eating goals.

fridge organization smallfridge organization ideasfridge organization small casey wiegandSetting The Tone For A Successful Year

For more of my  AMAZON ORGANIZATION FAVORITES check out my full list here!!

Whether you’re looking for fridge organization diy, fridge organization hacks or fridge organization small refrigerators this list has you covered!

Embracing the new year with an organized kitchen not only contributes to a healthier lifestyle but also creates a sense of calm and order. These Amazon organizing products have become essential tools in my journey towards a more organized and efficient home, setting the tone for a successful, healthy, and happy year!


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January 17, 2024


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