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As 2023 comes to an end, reflecting on the journey seems like flipping through pages of a well-worn book—filled with many highlights, but not without challenges. This time of year, I always reflect on the moments that challenged us and also the gratitude for all of the beautiful moments that filled our 2023. I use this reflection to help inspire my word of the year 2024!

Do you ever choose a ‘Word of the Year’? I’ve woven this practice into my life since 2011, and it’s been beautiful to witness how that chosen word intertwines throughout the year, shaping experiences and offering insights.

Past words for me like Growth, Resilience, and Connection have become guiding stars throughout the year for me.

For 2024, my chosen word is Breathe! It encapsulates the essence of infusing new life, inspiration, and hope into every breath, signifying a deliberate pause to claim new seasons. I also want to remember to be present in each moment, and I believe taking a breath is a wonderful reminder to look around and be grateful for all that surrounds you. Breathe new life, breathe inspiration, breathe hope and also just take a long breath as we claim new seasons and confidently step into them.

I’d love to hear your word too—let’s collectively claim them!

Selecting a word for the year isn’t just about finding a term; it’s about setting an intention, a tone that resonates with our aspirations. Your word is meant to guide decisions, actions, and reactions throughout the year.

word of the year 2024 casey wiegandword of the year 2024Tips For Choosing Your Word For 2024

+ Reflect on Past Words +

Look back on previous years’ words, as they can offer insights into recurring themes or areas of growth. They might pave the way for the perfect word to define the upcoming year. You can look back on your own, or even look at lists on Pinterest for inspiration. Search things like Word of the year ideas 2024 or happy new year 2024 word.

+ Consider Personal Goals +

Assess your aspirations for the year ahead. What do you wish to accomplish? What virtues or qualities do you want to embody?

+ Mindset vs. Resolution +

Some prefer resolutions or tangible goals, while others resonate with a mindset shift. The ‘Word of the Year’ bridges both. You can choose a word and make detailed goals, or just stick to a word that brings a vibe and sets a tone for the year!

It can be really powerful to get on the same page with your family! Share your words for the year, talk about your goals together! A check-in meeting or even a fun chat over a meal allows for shared goals and mindsets, fostering collective growth and support.

word of the year 2024 casey wiegand 1new years eve wallpaperWord Of The Year 2024 Planning Favorites

+ Affirmation Cards +

Affirmation cards are a powerful tool for self-reflection, motivation, and personal growth. These small cards carry positive phrases and uplifting messages that can shift our mindset and help us embrace a more positive outlook on life. I find them to be a pivotal part of choosing a word of the year 2024.

+ Vision Board Kit  +

A vision board is a powerful tool that can help you bring your dreams and aspirations to life. It’s a visual representation of your goals, desires, and the life you envision for yourself. By creating a vision board, you have a constant reminder of what you want to manifest and achieve in the coming year.

+ Pastel Highlighters +

Give these fun pastel highlighters a try! They are perfect for highlighting your goals, or important dates in planners without overwhelming the page.

+ Sticky Notes +

One of the greatest advantages of sticky notes is their versatility – they can be easily moved, rearranged, and stuck on various surfaces, such as desks, walls, or planners. Whether you’re using them to create to-do lists, brainstorm ideas, or mark important pages in a book, sticky notes offer a practical and flexible solution.

+ Goals & Resolutions Journal +

A goals and resolutions journal is a powerful tool for setting and tracking your aspirations and intentions. It serves as a safe space to document your dreams, identify your priorities, and outline actionable steps towards achieving them. With each entry, you can reflect on your progress, celebrate milestones, and adjust your course if needed. By consistently writing in your goals and resolutions journal, you hold yourself accountable and maintain a clear focus on what you want to accomplish

+ Travel Journal +

A travel journal is a valuable companion on any journey, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a long-term adventure. It is a place to capture and preserve your travel experiences, memories, and emotions.

word of the year 2024 cwword of the year 2024 wiegands blogEmbracing 2024

Here’s to embracing my 2024 word of year — BREATHE — and to each of you claiming your word, inviting its transformative magic into your lives!

Today, I celebrate someone dear—the special person who paused his dreams for 15 years to support mine. It’s Chris’s turn to shine today! His dedication has been the melody harmonizing with my journey. His song is now available on Spotify and Apple Music! We are so proud of Chris for sharing his talent and pursuing this dream of his!


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December 27, 2023


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