Our Christmas Recap

christmas recap pinOur Christmas Recap

We’ve had a precious holiday, soaking in this time together and have truly been reminded of what matters most. Christmas holds such a special place in my heart, and even when things don’t go according to plan we cling to hope.

This Christmas Eve was hard for us, as our sweet son Aiden was in the hospital. We were beyond grateful to the hospital staff who took such great care of him. We had a quiet evening at home, but were so thankful to have Aiden home with us. We still were able to squeeze some magic out of the holiday, and thankfully Aiden is on the mend! It’s so hard for us to see any of our kiddos sick, but it can feel especially rattling to see Aiden hurting, since he has been through so much in the past.

Once we had Aiden home and we could all regroup we exchanged gifts as a family, had special meals together, a cozy breakfast at home and just lived for the togetherness and memories made.

Christmas really feels like a timestamp of each year as it passes by. Just seeing our kiddos grow and knowing that next year they’ll be even more grown up, at new stages and with new interests. I always want time to stand still on this day, to embrace it all and hold on tight to right where we are in this moment.

I’m forever grateful for this beautiful family of ours, our magical home to spend holidays in all together, and the hope that fills my heart this time of year.

I hope that you all had a beautiful holiday, and I am wishing you warmth and peace in the new year ahead!


Casey Wiegand


December 29, 2023


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