Holiday Snack Board Ideas

holiday snack board ideas pin 1holiday snack board ideas 2Holiday Snack Board Ideas

I find so much joy in hosting friends and family during this magical season! It’s the time of year when our homes transform into cozy havens filled with the warmth of loved ones gathered together. Anything that I can do to add an extra special touch to gatherings is so important to me. I’ve been diving into creating special holiday snack board ideas that are not only delicious but also add that extra dash of festive charm to our parties or family movie nights.

holiday snack board ideasIdeas For A Festive Snack Board

+Festive Snack Trays+

First up on the list of festive snack trays is the Christmas cookie tray. It’s a beautiful assortment of homemade cookies (or you can grab from your favorite bakery!). Who can resist the allure of a soft, warm gingerbread or a perfectly iced sugar cookie? Not me, for sure! Arrange them all on a platter, add varying sizes or even add some additional holiday sweets like candy canes!

+ Christmas Tree Platter +

Now, let’s talk holiday snack magic! I’ve got this SUPER cute idea that’s a total showstopper—a Christmas tree design snack platter. Picture layers of cheeses, savory meats, plump grapes, and fragrant rosemary strategically arranged into a whimsical tree shape. It’s a work of art that’s almost too pretty to eat… almost!

+ Christmas Candy Tray +

What’s a holiday without some sweetness overload? Enter the Christmas candy tray. Glistening candy canes, decadent chocolates, and those nostalgic holiday treats that transport us back to childhood—this tray has it all!

+ Santa Tray +

Of course, we can’t forget about Santa! This might be one of my favorite Amazon finds ever! I’ve got a special cookies-for-Santa tray that even includes reindeer snacks because we can’t leave his trusty companions out. It’s all about spreading that Christmas cheer, even to our magical friends!

holiday snack board ideas 3Holiday Hosting Favorites From Amazon

Amazon has been my go-to for decking out these trays with the cutest holiday-themed serveware. I’m talking about the Reindeer Serving Board that adds that rustic charm, the adorable Santa Face Plate that puts a smile on everyone’s face, and the Tree Serving Bowl/Platter Set that screams festive vibes.

Let’s not overlook the Santa Glass Cups and those Holiday Paper Serving Cups—perfect for sipping on some warm cocoa or indulging in a cup of holiday punch.

Hosting during the holidays is all about making memories, indulging in good food, and sharing joy with loved ones. With these snack trays and festive Amazon finds, our celebrations are sure to be merry and bright!

You can snag these fantastic Holiday Hosting Essentials and more at my favorite one-stop shop—Amazon!

Let’s make this holiday season the most scrumptious and joyful one yet! Cheers to good food and great company!


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December 18, 2023


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