Elf On The Shelf Ideas

elf on the shelf ideaself on the shelf ideas funny hilariousElf On The Shelf Ideas

As a household with four kids, the Elf on the Shelf tradition has become a treasured part of our holiday routine. It’s such a fun tradition, especially when my older kids team up to surprise their younger siblings!

Our elf’s arrival is eagerly anticipated every year. The joy in our home on day one of the elf’s arrival is palpable, and we’ve come up with some elf on the shelf ideas 2023 that have brought laughter and wonder to our mornings.

One of our favorite elf on the shelf ideas for toddlers involved stacking soup cans to create an illusion that the elf used them as stilts to reach the kitchen counter. The kids were wide-eyed seeing the elf’s clever antics. We’ve also pulled off a scene where it appeared our elf indulged in a peanut butter sandwich, leaving a trail of crumbs and bread crusts, which was both funny and adorable. Another hit was the elf-on-elf hockey match!

We believe that elf on the shelf ideas for older kids should be just as engaging and entertaining!

elf on the shelf ideas day 1elf on the shelf ideas 2023Here Are A Few More Easy To Set Up Elf Ideas

+ Turn the Elf into a “Chef” +

Arrange miniature pots and pans, with the elf sporting a chef’s hat, cooking up some tiny treats.

+ Movie Night +

Set up a tiny TV and snacks, with the elf cozied up watching a favorite holiday film. Maybe even scatter some popcorn!

+ Classroom Theme +

Leave a chalkboard message and have them holding onto a piece of chalk!

These elf on the shelf ideas funny and hilarious, combined with the excitement of discovery, make each morning a delight and scavenger hunt for the kids. It’s a tradition that sparks imagination and spreads holiday cheer throughout our home!

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Casey Wiegand

elf on the shelf ideas easyelf on the shelf ideas casey wiegand


December 8, 2023


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