Christmas Tree Decor Ideas (and our 2023 Christmas Trees!)

christmas tree decor ideas 2023 casey wiegandChristmas Tree Decor Ideas (and our 2023 Christmas Trees!)

I get so much joy from the enchantment of adorning our homes with the spirit of the holiday season! For me, the epitome of this tradition is decorating the Christmas trees. Each tree holds a unique story, whimsy, and most importantly, cherished memories. So excited to share our favorite christmas tree decor ideas with you all!

In our cozy family room, the family tree is vibrant with collected ornaments, mostly assembled by the kiddos. With colorful ribbons cascading down, LED lights twinkling, and an array of ornaments reflecting years of stories, it’s the heart of our home.

Meanwhile, our formal living room hosts a tall tree, that feels grand! This tree has a classic and sophisticated Christmas feel and is adorned with an array of sparkling embellishments, casting an ethereal glow throughout the room. One year I think Christmas tree decor ideas red and gold could be beautiful and classic in this room!

The kids’ rooms hold their trees—a canvas for their personalities to shine. Christmas tree decor ideas kids is something that makes me so happy! They feel so cozy at night, I highly recommend adding a small tabletop tree to your kid’s rooms! Christmas tree decor ideas blue, red, and pink are all color schemes I looked into for my kiddo’s rooms!

christmas tree decor ideas casey wiegandTips For Creating Magical Christmas Tree Decor Ideas 2023 Trends

+ Layer with Love+

Begin by layering lights, starting from the inside out, ensuring an even distribution for that warm, cozy glow.

+ Ribbon Magic +

Use ribbons to create depth and movement. Swirl, drape, or crisscross—let your imagination run wild! I also love making bows and adding these on!

+ Ornament Details +

Mix and match textures, colors, and sizes for a dynamic display. Add personal touches or DIY ornaments for a heartfelt touch.

+ Skirt the Magic +

A tree skirt isn’t just practical; it’s a finishing touch that ties the entire look together.

+ Finishing Flourish +

Tinsel delicately hung and net lights elegantly draped can add that extra shimmer and dimension.

casey wiegand christmas tree decor ideas 2023Here Are A Few Of My Absolute Favorite Amazon Finds

+ Tree Candle Lights +

These delicate candle lights give a nostalgic, candle-lit ambiance to the tree.

+ Tinsel Icicles +

A touch of whimsy and sparkle. Tinsel icicles that beautifully cascade down the branches. I love tinsel even on its own with just lights for a simple sparkle.

+ Knit Tree Skirt +

A knit tree skirt is a cozy and charming addition to complete the tree’s look.

+ Iridescent Ornaments +

Iridescent ornaments catch and reflect light, adding a magical shimmer.

+ Gold Ribbon +

Ribbon adds an elegant touch that adds sophistication and grace to the tree.

+ Red and Pink Ornament Set +

This red and pink ornament set is perfect for adding pops of vibrant color and cheer.

+ Net Lights for Tree +

Effortlessly drape these net lights for a mesmerizing effect.

These Amazon finds elevate the tree decorating experience, making it a journey of creating a magical holiday wonderland within our homes, or even lovely christmas diy!


Casey Wiegandchristmas tree decor ideas

Holiday Decor

December 13, 2023


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