Kids Weekly Clothes Organizer

kids weekly clothes organizer pin 3Kids Weekly Clothes Organizer

In the whirlwind of parenting, finding small solutions that make a big difference can be a game-changer. As a parent, I’m always on the lookout for ways to empower my little ones and encourage their independence. Recently, I stumbled upon an Amazon gem that has transformed our mornings and given my youngest a delightful sense of autonomy – this adorable Amazon kids weekly clothes organizer with slots for each day of the week.

kids weekly clothes organizer closetStreamlining the Morning Routine

Mornings can often be a bit chaotic when you have kids to get ready for school, but this nifty little hanging organizer has revolutionized our routine. With different slots for each day of the week, we can plan and organize outfits together on the weekend, ensuring a smooth and stress-free start to each day.

kids weekly clothes organizer diyEmpowering Kids with Choices

One of the greatest benefits of this hanging clothing sorter is that it allows my little one to take an active role in selecting her outfits for the week. Involving her in the process has been a wonderful way to nurture her independence and decision-making skills. It’s a small but impactful step towards fostering self-sufficiency and responsibility in children.

kids weekly clothes organizer childrenTips for Encouraging Independence in Kids

+ Choice Within Boundaries +

Offer your child choices when it comes to their outfits, but ensure that these choices align with the weather and the day’s activities. This provides them with a sense of control while maintaining practicality. Kids weekly clothes organizer DIY or the amazon option are a great choice!

+ Teach Basic Dressing Skills +

Empower your child with the knowledge and skills needed to dress themselves. Encourage them to practice buttoning, zipping, and putting on shoes.

+ Create a Wardrobe System +

Organize their clothing in a way that they can access easily. Utilize labeled bins or this fantastic hanging clothing sorter to help them make choices effortlessly.

+ Encourage Their Efforts +

Celebrate their independence and the choices they make, even if it doesn’t always match your preferences. Praise their creativity and the growth they experience through their fashion choices.

+ Let Them Learn from Mistakes +

Occasionally, they might pick outfits that don’t quite work, and that’s okay. It’s all part of the learning process. Encourage them to reflect on what they liked or didn’t like about their choices.

casey wiegand kids weekly clothes organizer diyEncouraging Creativity and Growth

Allowing kids to take charge of their wardrobe choices isn’t just about convenience; it’s about nurturing their creativity and personal growth. When kids have the freedom to select their outfits, they develop a sense of style and self-expression. It’s an opportunity for them to experiment with colors, patterns, and combinations, fostering their unique identity.

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If you’re seeking ways to simplify your morning routine and empower your little ones, I highly recommend giving the hanging clothing sorter with daily slots a try. It not only makes mornings a breeze but also encourages your kids to embrace their own fashion choices and blossom into confident, independent individuals. It’s a small investment with big rewards for both parents and children alike.


Casey Wiegand

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October 24, 2023


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