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Where are my fellow early holiday shoppers at!? As someone who adores celebrating special occasions and embracing the magic of the holiday season, I’ve always found that starting my holiday shopping early not only brings a sense of joy but also allows me to fully savor the holidays with my family. When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for kids, I’ve discovered that Amazon is full of fantastic ideas, like this kids table, that will make your little ones’ eyes light up with delight.

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kids play table with storagekids play table diyEarly Holiday Shopping with Amazon

I believe in creating cherished memories during the holidays, and part of that is finding the perfect gifts for my kids. Amazon has been my go-to for holiday shopping, offering a variety of unique and engaging gift ideas. If you’re like me and can’t wait to start your holiday shopping, here are some amazing finds to consider:

+ Kids Play Table +

Encourage outdoor play with a kids play table and chairs featuring a built-in umbrella. It’s a perfect spot for creative activities or a delightful picnic in the yard. If you’re looking for kids play table ideas, kids lay table with storage, kids play table in living room or kids play table redo, Amazon has you covered!

+ Play Sink +

 Spark your child’s imagination with a play sink, complete with accessories like mini dishes and utensils. It’s a great way for little ones to develop important life skills while having fun. You can also incorporate sensory play into this!

+ Slime Set +

 Slime is a huge hit with kids, and also makes for an awesome stocking stuffer! The vibrant colors and textures provide a sensory experience they’ll love.

+ Bracelet Kit +

 My girls adore making jewelry together! This bracelet kit is such a fun gift for hours of fun! And even allows your kids to make gifts for others.

+ Osmo +

Osmo is an educational game system that transforms screen time into interactive, hands-on learning. Enhance your child’s skills with a variety of games and accessories. This was seriously one of the favorite gifts that I ever gave my kids!

+ Play Tent +

 This is a gift for hours of fun and imagination! Whether you keep your play tent in a play room, in their bedrooms or this one is even cute enough to have in your main living area, it’ll keep your Little’s engaged in imaginative play!

kids play table ideaskids play table painted The Benefits of Play for Children

Play is essential for a child’s development. It fosters creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interaction. Here are some key benefits of play:

+ Learning Through Play +

Play is a child’s natural way of learning. It enhances their cognitive and social development, allowing them to absorb information effortlessly.

+ Enhanced Social Skills +

Through play, kids learn to share, take turns, and work as part of a team, which are essential life skills.

+ Problem Solving +

Play encourages kids to think critically, make decisions, and solve problems independently.

+ Physical Development +

Active play, whether indoors or outdoors, promotes physical fitness and helps kids build strong, healthy bodies.

kids play tablekids play table redoTips for Selecting Gifts Kids Will Love

When choosing gifts for children, it’s important to consider their age, interests, and developmental stage. Here are some tips to ensure you select the perfect gift:

+ Ask for Input+

If you’re uncertain about a child’s preferences, ask their parents for ideas or involve the child in the decision-making process.

+ Quality over Quantity +

Opt for high-quality gifts that are built to last, fostering lasting memories and providing hours of enjoyment.

+ Educational Value +

Look for gifts that are not only entertaining but also offer educational benefits, sparking curiosity and learning.

+ Age-Appropriate +

Ensure the gift is age-appropriate, as it should be challenging but not frustrating for the child.

+ Consider Multi-Use Gifts +

Choose gifts that have the potential for various types of play, encouraging versatility and extended use.

+ Encourage Imagination +

The best gifts for children often inspire imaginative play, allowing them to create their own stories and adventures.

As you embark on your early holiday shopping journey, remember that the joy of finding the perfect gift for your kids is about more than just unwrapping presents. It’s about creating moments that spark their imagination, and nurture their growth through the power of play. Here’s to spreading warmth and joy to your little ones all year round!


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October 23, 2023


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