My Children’s Book Is LIVE!

book pin 2My Children’s Book Is LIVE!

Today is a dream come true, something I have dreamt of for most of my life! I’m beyond excited to share some incredible news with you. After years of nurturing a dream close to my heart, I’m thrilled to announce the release of my very first children’s book. “AnneMarie’s Make-Believe,” is now available on Amazon!

Click the link to grab your copy today!!

This journey has been a labor of love and creativity. I can’t wait to tell you all about it, it’s truly a story from my heart to yours!

book Casey WiegandA Dream Realized

Years ago, as a children’s art teacher, I nurtured my passion for fostering creativity and imagination in children — even before those years I dreamed of writing a children’s book of my own. I am truly so blown away and grateful that this dream has now become a reality!

bookA Mother’s Love for Books

Being a mother to four amazing kiddos, reading and books have been a huge part of our home and life. It’s during those precious moments spent together, immersed in stories that some of our best conversations have happened — truly treasured time together.

bookshelfThe Power of Positive Messages

I truly believe that we can build confidence and encourage imagination through reading stories with positive messages.  I poured my heart and soul into crafting a story that not only entertains but also inspires young readers.

book art drawingsA Story with Heart: AnneMarie’s Make-Believe

My children’s book, “AnneMarie’s Make-Believe,” is filled with sweet details that are a nod to our family and home life. From my grandma’s antique blue stove to our kids’ beautiful backyard playhouse, every page is a reflection of the love and joy that fills our home.

bookmarks handmadeIntention in Every Detail

I poured intention into every aspect of this book. AnneMarie’s name is a blend of all my girls’ names: Ainsleigh, Apple, and Adelaide. Her appearance mirrors that of my beloved daughters, a tribute to the beauty and strength I see in them every day. My own passion for art finds its way into the book’s illustrations, adding an extra layer of personal touch and creativity.

book aestheticWords Have Power: Correlating with Affirmation Cards

I deeply intertwined this book with my affirmation cards, which emphasize the power of our words. In “AnneMarie’s Make-Believe,” young readers will discover the magic that words hold and how they can shape a world filled with kindness, imagination, and confidence.

book shelf ideasEncouraging Imagination, Confidence, and Kindness

My hope is that “AnneMarie’s Make-Believe” becomes a cherished addition to your family’s reading time and one of your most loved books. I want it to be a story that encourages imagination, boosts confidence, and spreads kindness in the hearts of your little ones.

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book reccomendationsAvailable Now on Amazon

You can find “AnneMarie’s Make-Believe” on Amazon, ready to embark on a journey of whimsy, creativity, and love. It’s a story that reflects the magic of our everyday lives, the power of positivity, and the beauty of imagination.

Grab your copy here!

I can’t wait to see photos of “AnneMarie’s Make-Believe” on your bookshelves, it has a book aesthetic that would look lovely on any bookshelf and would pair perfectly with bookmarks handmade, book art drawings and bookshelf ideas! I hope that you will share this story with others as book recommendations.

You all have inspired and encouraged me each step of our journey, and I cannot express my family’s gratitude enough! I can’t wait for you and your little ones to dive into the world of “AnneMarie’s Make-Believe.” May it inspire endless laughter, wonder, and joy in your home, just as it has in mine!


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October 19, 2023


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