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Casey Wiegand backyard patiobackyard landscapingBackyard Renovation

We’ve been all-in on major backyard renovations, and I’m beyond excited to share the progress with you! We are loving the chance to enjoy our pool as a family and

My goal was to create a backyard oasis where every day feels like a vacation. I really feel like we’ve brought the best of our favorite getaways right into our backyard! It’s been quite the journey, but we’re finally nearing the finish line and I couldn’t be happier.

We decided to fill our old pool, it was a tough decision, but relocating it closer to our main living space was a game-changer. Now, stepping out into the backyard feels like a seamless transition from our indoor space. We enlisted a fantastic crew to bring our dreams to life, and they’ve done an incredible job!

Our new backyard area features a sparkling blue pool, large enough to host our families and kiddo’s friends, and a built-in firepit surrounded by seating – perfect for those cozy evenings roasting s’mores. There’s also a sunbathing ledge which we love and the kids play in this area too. There’s a spacious hot tub area that flows into the pool. We basically have been living out here for the rest of the summer!

We added faux grass, a new patio and roof area, and lots of cozy seating! A soft blue ceiling and new fans finish off the area and give a resort vibe.

We added lots of decor, think chaise lounges, and umbrellas that provide just the right shade. Oh, and my absolute favorite: a stunning faux hydrangea tree that adds a touch of whimsy.

I added plenty of storage with baskets, a wheeling cart, hooks, and more!

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The finished result? A backyard oasis that feels like a dreamy escape, right in the heart of our home. Our four kiddos are absolutely over the moon about the new setup – they practically live in the water now! And being in Texas, where the weather’s pretty warm most of the year and very hot in the summer, this investment is worth it for our family!

It’s so dreamy now to catch glimpses of the beautiful blue water from various rooms in our house.

Looking back, moving the pool might have seemed like a big decision, but seeing how everything has come together in our backyard oasis, we’re beyond happy with our choice.

backyard weddingbackyard oasisbackyard gardenCasey Wiegand backyard gardenHere Are A Few Tips To Keep In Mind Backyard Ideas

+ Take Your Time To Plan +

Take the time to envision what you want and plan out every detail before starting.

+ Greenery Adds Warmth +

Incorporate plants and greenery to add freshness and a natural vibe. Backyard landscaping design makes all the difference! A backyard garden is on my dream list too — and more landscaping!

+ Storage Solutions +

Don’t overlook storage for pool toys, towels, and other essentials.

+ Lighting Magic +

Outdoor lighting can transform the ambiance, making evenings extra special.

+ Inviting Pathways +

Create pathways that guide you through your various spaces with ease. Fit for a backyard wedding!

+ Personal Touches +

Infuse your personality into the design with unique touches and your favorite colors. We did this with the blue ceiling on our backyard patio, and I adore it!

+ Don’t Forget Finishing Touches Like Decor+

Choose furniture and decor that make you feel like you’re on vacation – because you deserve it!

Remember, your backyard is your canvas – get creative and have fun with it! I’ve loved taking y’all along with us on this journey of making our backyard into our dream space!


Casey Wiegand

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August 28, 2023


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