7th Birthday Party Ideas

7th birthday party ideas pin 17th birthday part ideas girl7th birthday party ideas 7th Birthday Party Ideas

I truly cannot believe that our littlest sunshine, Adelaide, just turned seven! Seven years and endless joy (and energy!) from our Addie! Today I am sharing her party and 7th birthday party ideas!

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With four kids, Adelaide is our youngest, and her birthdays mark not only the passage of time but also my journey of motherhood changing and evolving, and the closing of certain stages and chapters. As much as I will always long for those little years, there’s something really beautiful about the season that we are in and all that we have to look forward to!

7th birthday party ideas for a girl wiegands blog7th birthday party ideas wiegands blog7th birthday party ideas gamesSweet Adelaide Is 7

Where do I even begin with sharing the beauty of our Adelaide? She is bold, full of boundless energy, she keeps us on our toes in the best ways — we adore her! Addie has a heart of gold, she brings kindness and laughter to everyone she meets. Her siblings are head over heels for her, showering her with love beyond words. And let me tell you, this girl has a magical touch — she can light up any room with her amazing spirit.

What truly amazes us is Addie’s sweet soul. Every moment with her is a reminder of the extraordinary energy she brings to our family. We’re forever grateful for the life that Adelaide brings to our family every single day.

To celebrate such a special little girl, I wanted vibrant colors and to include all of Addie’s favorite things! Parties and celebrations are a big piece of my heart. Making our loved ones feel special is everything to me, and throwing gatherings for birthdays and holidays gives me so much joy. So, for Adelaide’s 7th birthday, we went all out with her favorites.

Think donuts, ice cream, and sweets, pastel rainbow colors, and fun activities for all!

Amazon came to the rescue with the cutest party supplies and decor, making our dreams come to life!

We had a balloon globe that the kids could play in, its hues mirroring those of the party. Adorable birthday banners, balloon arches, and a slime-making kit for party guests. All of the details celebrated our precious girl in what I hope was an unforgettable day for her.

7th birthday party ideas winter7th birthday party ideas girl Casey Wiegand7th birthday party ideas girls themeHere’s A List Of Birthday Party Planning Tips

+ Go Seasonal +

Whether it’s a summer or winter birthday, draw inspiration from the season to craft a memorable celebration that suits the weather. 7th birthday party ideas summer were a perfect fit for Addie’s party.

+ Choose a Theme with Heart +

 Opt for a theme that resonates with your child’s interests. In our case, this color scheme was perfect for Adelaide’s personality. 7th birthday party ideas for a girl were what I looked for for Addie, but you can check out 7th birthday party ideas for boys including 7th birthday party ideas Minecraft if that is what your little on is into!

+ Get DIY Creative +

Handmade decor and crafts add a personal touch that money can’t buy. Plus, it’s a fun activity to do with your child before the big day. 7th birthday party ideas princess theme, 7th birthday party ideas for girls diy, 7th birthday party ideas games, 7th birthday party ideas for girls theme are a few ideas of what I searched when making DIYs for Addie’s party!

+ Game On +

Plan age-appropriate games that keep the kids engaged and entertained. Think musical chairs, scavenger hunts, or even a DIY obstacle course.

For your own party planning needs, don’t forget to check out some of my party favorites from Amazon on my Kids Birthday List and Storefront!

Our littlest beauty Adelaide turned seven with a party that matched her vibrant spirit! And as I embrace each new chapter of motherhood, I do so with a grateful heart and excitement for what the future has in store!

Happy birthday, Sweet Addie! We couldn’t love you one bit more than we already do, our hearts are full because of the joy that you bring to our family!


Casey Wiegand 7th birthday party ideas summer Casey WiegandCasey Wiegand 7th birthday party ideasamazon 7th birthday ideas


August 15, 2023


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