Girls Bathroom Design (Adelaide)

girls bathroom design pin 1girls bathroom designGirls Bathroom Design (Adelaide)

After months of renovations and many hours spent transforming our home, we are finally adding the finishing touches! The latest room we completed is our 6-year-old daughter Adelaide’s girls bathroom design, and best of all she is loving it!

I thought it might be fun to share some ideas for organizing a kid’s bathroom, essential elements to include, and design tips to achieve a timeless yet whimsical and girly space.

girls bathroom design for kidsgirls bathroom design ideasGirls Bathroom Design Tips

+ Coordinate with the Bedroom +

To maintain a cohesive feel, we wanted the bathroom design to flow with Adelaide’s whimsical and girly bedroom. It doesn’t have to be exact, but an overall feel that works throughout. We used a color palette of pink and blue, incorporating shades that complement her bedroom decor.

+ Elevated Touches +

Just because it’s a kiddo’s bathroom doesn’t mean that we have to dial down the special touches. Incorporating luxe elements into the bathroom design elevates the space and also is a great consideration for resale down the road. Consider using sleek and modern fixtures and a beautiful vanity mirror. These small details can elevate the overall aesthetic and make the space feel more special.

+ Wallpaper Adds Whimsy +

One of the standout features in Adelaide’s bathroom is the prettiest pink wallpaper. Wallpaper adds depth and personality to the space, instantly transforming it into a whimsical haven. Look for designs that feature floral patterns and something playful to further enhance the magical atmosphere.

+ Shower Curtain can add Style +

We didn’t add one for Adelaide’s bath, but I really think this can bring so much color and personality! A statement shower curtain can instantly transform a space. For a little girl’s bathroom, consider ruffled curtains or floral patterns.

+ Vintage Touches +

Opt for vintage-inspired accessories like floral paintings, brass towel hooks, a pretty tray — anything to add in a more timeless girls bathroom design farmhouse feel.

+ Space-Saving Solutions +

For bathroom spaces, it’s essential to maximize storage to keep everything organizes especially for girls bathroom design small spaces/ girls bathroom design small. Utilize open shelving for easy access to frequently used items, and consider wall-mounted organizers for toothbrushes, hair accessories, and other necessities. Colorful storage bins or baskets can also add a playful touch while keeping things tidy.

+ Essential Elements +

When designing a kid’s bathroom, it’s important to include essentials tailored to their needs. Make sure to incorporate a step stool for little ones to reach the sink easily. Also, a soft bath mat to prevent slipping and a hooded towel for added comfort after bath time.

+ Playful Accents +

To infuse the bathroom with a more bohemian vibe add rattan or bamboo. Color, texture, and layered design will make all of the difference for a girls bathroom design bohemian.

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Designing a girl’s bathroom should be fun, and a way to create a space that reflects their unique personality. By incorporating elements of modern design, luxe touches you can create a timeless yet girly and whimsical atmosphere.

Remember to prioritize functionality and organization while adding elements tailored to your child’s needs. With these ideas in mind, Adelaide’s bathroom has become the perfect space for her!


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July 19, 2023


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