Closet Organization Ideas

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Creating a cozy and organized home is a journey that takes time, especially when it comes to tackling the smaller details like closet organization. Since moving into our new home, we’ve been on a mission to give every item a designated place and bring a sense of order to our closets!

Thanks to the amazing organization products available on Amazon, we’ve discovered lots of ways to keep our belongings categorized and for everything to have a home.

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Casey Wiegand closet organization ideascloset organization ideascloset organization ideascloset organization ideas aestheticCloset Organization Tips

+ Baskets and Containers +

Add baskets and containers into your closet to corral smaller items like accessories, scarves, and belts. Opt for containers that match your decor or coordinate with one another to create an inviting closet space. Use clear containers for storing items like jewelry or makeup, this will allow you to easily see what’s inside while keeping them neat and organized!

+ Space-Saving Hangers +

I LOVE space-saving hangers, velvet or slimline hangers really maximize your closet’s vertical space. These hangers are not only functional and also make the overall appearance of the closet feel more cohesive.
Utilize cascading hangers for coordinating outfits or sorting items by color or style, making it easier to find what you need at a glance. I’ve loved these for pants, it takes up so much less space!

+ Totes and Bins +

Use totes and bins for storing seasonal clothing or items that are not frequently used. Label them clearly to make it easy to find them when needed.
For small walk-in closets, consider using under-bed storage bins to make the most of the available space!

+ The Catch-All Closet +

We recently designates a catch-all closet to house lots of different items, but in an organized fashion! It has many things such as hosting materials, pool day essentials, and more. Organizing this space has been important to prevent it from becoming a bit chaotic. We’ve used shelves, hooks, and hanging organizers to compartmentalize the catch-all closet, creating designated spots for different items. A combination of bins and baskets can also be helpful in keeping things in order.

closet organization ideas with mirrorclose organization ideas kidscloset organization ideascloset organization ideas 2 Closet Organization Ideas For Kids

Incorporate kid-friendly organization products like colorful bins and cubbies to make it fun for little ones to help keep their own closets in order.
Use low-hanging rods or adjustable rods that can grow with your child, allowing them to access their clothes easily.

+ Add a Mirror on the Closet Door +

Make use of the closet door by attaching a full-length mirror, providing functionality and adding a sense of depth to your space.
Opt for jewelry organizers to save counter space and keep your accessories easily accessible while getting ready.

+ Closet Organization Ideas for Small Bedrooms +

Utilize vertical space by installing shelves or a hanging organizer on the back of the closet door. Choose slimline storage solutions like narrow dressers or compact hanging organizers to optimize storage in small bedrooms.

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Transforming your closet can be a bit tedious but it is rewarding! By incorporating the right organization products, such as baskets, containers, space-saving hangers, totes, and bins, you can maximize your closet space regardless of its size. Don’t forget to add your personal style into the organization process!


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July 10, 2023


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