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We are a family of animal lovers, and I truly think of each of our pets as a part of the family. Our kiddos especially adore our animals, and I love sharing glimpses with you of all of our sweet pets — we have a house full of animals we absolutely adore! As a family of six, our love for animals runs deep — from fluffy kittens and pups to all of Aiden’s incredible reptiles, our home is a sanctuary for all kinds of creatures. Today I am sharing all of our essential amazon pet must haves!

I’ve shared lots in the past about how our son Aiden has a special place in his heart for reptiles, and he cares for them like no one else, they’re truly like members of our family. We also have lots of furry friends in our home, most recently a new puppy and kitten, that I want to share more about with tips and tricks for bringing new pets home! Our pets have taught us all so much about responsibility, compassion, and the beauty of the bond that can grow with our sweet animals.

Bringing a new fur baby home is such an adventure filled with lots of love, and also new responsibilities and care needs. Having pets requires a little planning and preparation.

amazon pet must haves 4amazon pet must haves casey wiegand 2amazon pet must haves casey wiegand 5Amazon Pet Must Haves For Kittens

+ Cozy Bed +

A soft and snug bed to give them their own space for sweet sleep.

+ Litter Box+

A litter box is must-have for the litter training journey, make sure it’s placed in a quiet spot.

+ Food and Water Bowls +

Opt for non-spill bowls or place them in a low traffic area to avoid unnecessary messes.

+ Scratch Posts +

Help your kitten keep those tiny claws in check and protect your furniture with scratching posts!

+ Toys Galore +

Kittens love to play, so provide an assortment of toys for their entertainment.

+ Grooming Tools +

Brush, shampoo or pet safe wipes, nail trimming kit.

+ ID Tag for collar and/ or Microchip +

Hopefully this will never be needed, but better safe than sorry especially with little kiddos who could accidentally leave a door open.

amazon pet must haves casey wiegand 1amazon pet must haves 1amazon pet must haves Amazon Pet Must Haves For Puppies

+ A Comfortable Crate +

A crate provides a safe space for your puppy to retreat to when they need some alone time.

+ Chew Toys +

Puppies love to nibble on everything. These chew toys give them plenty of options.

+ Training Pads +

Training pads are a must for the inevitable accidents during the potty training process.

+ Collar and Leash +

Collars and leashes are essential for walks and outdoor adventures.

+ Puppy Food +

Choose a high-quality, age-appropriate formula to keep them healthy.

+ Training Treats +

Training treats provide positive reinforcement and are the way to go when teaching new tricks!

+ Find a Vet! +

Keep your pup’s health in tip-top shape, and set them up with a vet right from the start.

Casey Wiegand amazon pet must haves 6amazon pet must haves casey wiegandamazon pet must haves 6Pets Are A Blessing

Our sweet kitten has quickly become my shadow, and I couldn’t be happier. Those kitty snuggles are bliss! And our three girls are inseparable with our furry pets. The bond they share is heartwarming and reinforces empathy and responsibility, all while providing endless hours of fun.

Having pets at home is such a blessing, especially for our kids. It fosters their nurturing instincts, helps them understand empathy, and a sense of companionship. Our pets have been the best teachers, showing our kids how to care for others and be responsible pet parents.

If you’re considering bringing a pet into your home, I highly recommend it! Of course, it’s essential to consider your family’s lifestyle and ensure everyone is on board. But the love and happiness pets bring into your lives are immeasurable.

I found most of our favorite pet essentials on Amazon! From adorable toys to durable chew-proof dog beds, they’ve got it all. Check out these links Pet List and Storefront!

I love our pets dearly, and truly think that they make our house feel more like a home and our family feel complete! Caring for our pets brings each of us joy and makes us feel even more connected to them.


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July 17, 2023


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