Paint Colors For Our Home

paint colors pin 2Paint Colors For Our Home

We’ve spent over a year settling into our new home and taking on projects big and small. The process has been steady, filled with progress as well as plenty of changes in plans along the way. I have learned to appreciate the beauty of taking the time to customize our new space to fit our family perfectly. It’s been an adventure, and with every project, we feel more at home! I’m sharing our favorite paint colors and updates that are still in progress because I think it’s so important to share the in-between!

Casey Wiegand paint colors 2023Favorite Paint Colors For Home

One question I’m frequently asked is about the paint colors we’ve chosen for our home. Inside, we adore Sherwin Williams Snowbound, which adds the perfect brightness to every room, I love this as paint colors for living room or paint colors for the bedroom, and would even work as paint colors for small bathrooms. Its soft, creamy hue envelops us in a cozy atmosphere. Outside, we opted for a finish called White Brick Slurry, giving our home a classic charm that stands out. To add a serene touch to our porches, we painted the ceilings with Sherwin Williams Atmospheric, a beautiful shade of blue that is truly one of my favorite paint colors 2023, it really makes me think of being in Seaside.

Casey Wiegand paint colors Creating Our Backyard Oasis

One of our main goals in this new home is to transform the backyard into a private oasis, where we can escape and feel like we’re on vacation. While our pool is still undergoing the final stages of completion, the journey has been a labor of love. We’ve worked closely with a team of dedicated people who have turned our dreams into reality. Slow progress doesn’t change our excitement — it makes the anticipation all the more worthwhile.

paint colorsEnjoying The Process

Throughout the entire process, we’ve discovered the joy of appreciating each step, even if it takes longer than expected. Every milestone, big or small, brings us closer to the vision we have for our home. With four kiddos on summer break, we’ve embraced this opportunity to soak up quality family time while simultaneously settling into our new surroundings. The laughter and memories created within these walls make the journey all the more special.

Casey Wiegand paint colors for home Tips For A Summertime Porch

As we eagerly await the completion of our outdoor haven, I’d love to share some tips for creating a lovely porch experience during the summer:

+ Cozy Seating +

Invest in comfortable and stylish furniture that encourages relaxation and conversation.

+ Refreshing Colors +

Opt for light and airy paint colors for your porch, such as pastels or neutral tones, to evoke a sense of tranquility.

+ Greenery and Blooms +

Incorporate potted plants and flowers to add a touch of nature to your porch, creating a serene ambiance.

+ Soft Lighting+

Hang string lights or lanterns to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for those enchanting summer evenings.

+ Relaxing Scents +

Place diffusers with fragrances like lavender, peppermint or citronella to keep pests away and to add to the ambiance!

paint colors 2023Moving into our new home has been an exciting adventure filled with progress and customization. The process may be slow, but it allows us to appreciate each step and make our space truly our own. From the favorite paint colors that reflect our style to the dreamy backyard oasis under construction, we are cherishing every moment.

Amidst the settling-in process, we are reminded of the importance of family time and the joy that comes from creating memories together.


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June 22, 2023


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