Our New Kitten Ollie

new kitten pin 3new kitten tipsnew kitten instagram captionCasey Wiegand new kitten checklistOur New Kitten Ollie

I am beyond excited to share with you that our family has just welcomed a new kitten into our home! Say hello to Ollie, the newest member of the Wiegand family!

As a family, we have always LOVED having pets, we welcome animals into our home with open arms. Our kids love having furry friends around (and with Aiden’s love of reptiles — some not-so-furry pets too!). I truly believe that having pets helps to teach kiddos important values like responsibility, compassion, and empathy. When the opportunity came to adopt Ollie, we didn’t hesitate!

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new kitten suppliesnew kitten set up new kitten checklistCasey Wiegand new kitten essentialsCasey Wiegand new kitten quotesWhy Siberian Cats Make Great Pets

Ollie is a male Siberian cat, and he’s just the cutest little thing! His big beautiful eyes and soft, fluffy coat make him beyond adorable. Siberian cats are known for their hypoallergenic qualities, making them a great choice for families with allergies. They are also highly intelligent, social, and affectionate. Ollie has already won our hearts! He is always snuggled under my neck and is a cuddly little guy.

Now that we have Ollie in our home, we want to make sure that he is well-loved and cared for. Caring for a new kitten can be overwhelming — here are some tips we have found helpful as a new kitten checklist/ new kitten tips training:

new kitten essentialsCasey Wiegand new kitten tips trainingCasey Wiegand new kitten tipsnew kitten Tips for New Kittens

+ Give him his own space +

Kittens need their own safe space where they can rest and play, so you may want to think out your new kitten set up. Make sure to provide him with a comfortable bed, litter box, and some toys. All the new kitten supplies and all of the new kitten essentials to keep him entertained.

+ Make sure he has proper nutrition +

Kittens need a balanced diet to support their growth and development. Choose high-quality kitten food that meets his nutritional needs.

+ Schedule regular vet check-ups +

Regular visits to the vet can help prevent any health issues and keep your kitten healthy.

+ Keep him active +

Kittens are full of energy and need regular playtime to stay healthy and happy. Play with him and provide kitten safe toys to keep him active and engaged.

+ Socialize them early +

Early socialization is crucial for kittens to become well-adjusted and confident cats. Introduce them to different people and animals to help them develop their social skills. Lucky for us, we have such a mix of pets and a big family, so Ollie has been socialized from the moment that we brought him home!

new kitten gift basketCasey Wiegand new kitten Having Pets Brings Love into our Home

Having pets has been such a rewarding experience for our family. Our kids have learned so much about responsibility, compassion, and love through their interactions with our pets. They have also developed a strong sense of empathy and understanding towards animals. Watching them interact with Ollie honestly warms my heart.

Thank you for sharing in our excitement with our new kitten announcement when I shared over on social media with a new kitten Instagram caption and some photos of Ollie! it’s been such a happy time for us to embrace this little sweetheart!

If you are considering getting a new kitten or any pet, I highly recommend it! It can take some work and extra care, but the rewards are so very worth it.

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Some of these items would be fun to put together in a new kitten gift basket. You could even frame a print out with new kitten quotes!

Ollie has found his way into our hearts and has already become such a loved member of our family! We look forward to many years of loving this sweet boy! Welcome to the Wiegand family, precious Ollie!


Casey Wiegand new kitten tips trainingCasey Wiegand new kitten suppliesnew kitten quotesCasey Wiegand new kitten announcementnew kitten amazon


May 8, 2023


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