Laundry Room Ideas

laundry room ideas pin 2laundry room ideasLaundry Room Ideas

Laundry can sometimes be a tedious job, but making our laundry room into a space that I truly enjoy being in has made all the difference! We’ve given this room quite the makeover, and I’m sharing all of the details here! Keep reading for amazing laundry room ideas!

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In our laundry room, I first wanted to add lots of light, this is a great idea for updated laundry room small spaces! Natural light makes such a difference when I am in there during the day. I also added gorgeous pendant lights that I think really anchor the space and add such a pretty light in the evening.

laundry room ideas organizationlaundry room ideas smallAdding Space To Complete Tasks

Counter space and a large capacity sink were a must in our updated laundry room ideas! I wanted this to be like a workspace for folding, stain treating, hand washing, etc. It really does serve its purpose and I’m so happy with how this whole area turned out!

laundry room ideas farmhouselaundry room ideas stacked washer and dryerA Touch Of Whimsy In Every Room!

Whimsical patterns in tile and wallpaper. These play so well together and add such a cozy cottage vibe. Don’t be afraid to mix up patterns! Our floor tile is Moroccan-inspired, and our wallpaper is floral. The two patterns really seem to work and add a lot of life to this space. A laundry room is a great area to allow yourself to be a bit freer with the design!

Functional decor is another area we focused on! Beautiful glass holders for laundry soap, pretty organizers for things like dryer balls and essential oils. All of the necessities turn into decor this way, and don’t need to be hidden! For an updated laundry room closet, be sure to grab lots of organizational pieces!

laundry room ideas small spacelaundry room ideas modernFinishing Touches Make All The Difference

Florals and greenery are a must! I added pretty wreaths, I switch out florals often — all of the added life in here makes it a cheerful space to be in, and not one that I dread being in! Adding florals and plants is a nice way to get an updated laundry room on a budget

Artwork brings in a finishing touch! I am an artist and love any excuse to add extra art into our space. These timeless pieces really add depth to the space.

I’m super happy with how everything turned out in our laundry room. I really feel like every room is becoming more and more homey! I crave for our spaces to feel inviting and cozy, and even our laundry room seems to fit with that vibe now!

Don’t forget! Click here to see my full LAUNDRY ROOM LIST
Also lots of favorites included within my ORGANIZATION LIST

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Casey Wiegand

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April 10, 2023


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