House Design Updates

house design pin 2Casey Wiegand house design 2Casey Wiegand house design exteriorhouse design ideas 1house design exterior 1House Design Updates

Making a house into a home takes time, which has definitely been our experience with our new space. I’ve been really focused on enjoying the process, and feeling grateful to have a space where we can truly make our own! In our new home, we’ve made big changes and small changes, some have happened quickly and others have taken time. We are still in the thick of it with our big backyard renovation — and so many of you have been asking to see updates! So I thought it would be fun to share our house design updates here!

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house design 1Casey Wiegand house design ideashouse design pictureshouse design interior 2house design pictures 1Some of the recent updates that we have been working on at home

+ Making an Outdoor Dining Space +

I’m in love with this! I really want to embrace indoor and outdoor living even more! Texas allows for that a lot of the year! We put in big sliding doors to our living room. Definitely, something that we kept in mind with moving our house design kitchen. I envision having them open and people freely flowing from inside to outside!

The covered porch area got a makeover with the prettiest blue painted ceiling, new outdoor lighting over the table, a gorgeous outdoor rug, and a table and chair set to fit our whole fam!

+ Outdoor Fans +

Chris has been so great about hanging outdoor fans, which will be such a must during the summer months in Texas! I think these will be great when we are in the shade and can provide a nice cool air circulation.

+ Major Pool Updates +

Lots more stone and tile has been laid, The pool, hot tub, and fire pit are truly taking shape! My dream of this being an oasis for our family is really coming to life and we cannot wait to enjoy this space all summer long (and beyond!).

+ Some Front Yard Progress +

We still have a ways to go, but we have torn up some of the areas of the front yard that needed work, are laying a walkway, and continuing to make changes with the front area. It’s really come a long way!

house design drawing 2house design interiorhouse design 2house design pictures 3house design updatesSo much of our renovation focus currently is on the outdoors, which is a bit easier to live with than the house design interior! We are doing all that we can to remain patient and to hold the vision and the excitement! To think back on our house design drawing, and now to see it in real life is truly amazing!

I’ll be sure to share more updates when we have them and any house design pictures and house design ideas as they develop! Our goal is to have our pool ready by summertime!

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Casey Wiegandhouse design exterior 2house design drawingCasey Wiegand house designhouse design ideas 2house design exterior


April 7, 2023


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