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There’s something about spring that has me embracing all of the organization, especially in our kitchen! I’ve been finding lots of favorites for organizing, decorating, and simply enjoying our kitchen!

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I’ve been loving sharing Amazon kitchen must haves TikTok videos and wanted to also share more of those here on the blog!

amazon kitchen must haves tiktok 1amazon kitchen must havesA Few Amazon Kitchen Must Haves I Have Been Loving

+ Different Ice Trays! +

Small round ice, larger rose shapes, hearts — do many cute options! I’ll add fruit juices or cut-up fruit as well, or even coffee for my iced coffees (the obsession is real).

These will be SO fun for spring and summer, and all of the cute iced teas, lemonades and fun cocktails. I first saw these on Amazon kitchen must haves TikTok videos and was inspired!

+ Can Organizers +

For healthier sodas, sparkling waters, and our favorite canned beverages. These can organizers keeps things in order!

+ Colorful Knife Sets +

These colorful knife sets are SO fun! I love pops of color since a lot of our kitchen is white and bright!

+ Fun Vases +

Speaking of pops of color, I LOVE adding in florals! These bring so much life into our space. I have found several colorful vases that I am loving lately, one of my favorites is long and acrylic and really gives that custom floral arrangement vibe!

+ Pastel Mixing Bowls +

To make all of the fun summer baked goods and treats. I love the colors of the pastel mixing bowls and that they have lids!

+ Berry Dishes +

For the fridge! Berry dishes keep all of those spring and summer berries fresh and ready to grab on the go. I LOVE summer produce!

+ Tiered Gold Basket +

This tiered gold basket is so beautiful to keep on the counter with produce that stays room temp like bananas, avocados or tomatoes!

There are lots of other favorites on my list that you should check out! I’m also always finding new things and sharing new things for amazon kitchen must have videos!

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April 26, 2023


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