Amazon Finds Room Decor (Little Girl)

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Amazon Finds Room Decor (Little Girl)

As a mama with three little girls, decorating their bedrooms has been such a joy. I love all things girly, floral, and whimsical — and this has been reflected in each of their rooms over the years. When decorating a little girl’s room I first consider their unique personality. What do they love? What will make them feel most comfortable and at home? Here are some of our amazon finds room decor for little girls!

You can find my Amazon finds room decor here:




Though each of my daughters is unique, we do all have this common love of beauty, whimsy, and feminine touches.

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Some of the key ways that we’ve carried this through their spaces

+ Layered bedding +

We love ruffles, fringe, knits, quilts, all of the frilly cozy layers to make their beds feel fit for princesses!

+ Wallpaper! +

We have incorporated this in each of their rooms over the years, and we are asked about SO often. I really think adding wallpaper finishes a space and elevates it in such a beautiful way. I love all of the floral papers we have used over the years.

+ Vintage touches +

In furniture, artwork, even quilts or pillow covers. Finding vintage pieces really makes a space feel unique and one of a kind. I love the old fashion girly feel that each of my daughter’s rooms have.

+ Whimsy! +

Tents, twinkle lights, doll beds, garlands, artwork — anything to add in whimsy and fun. Childhood is so fleeting, we embrace all things magic in our home!

+ Organization +

So important in our kids rooms. Pretty baskets, wooden crates, hidden storage — it all helps to keep their space feeling tidy without it being too bare.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into my children’s rooms, and I hope that always remember their spaces fondly and feel at peace when they are in their bedrooms!

Check out my Amazon finds room decor here:





Casey Wiegand

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April 17, 2023


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