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I’m always searching for fun activities to use at home with my kids. I really love when we can find kitchen gadgets that are simple to use, and fun for the whole family! This ice cream ball maker that I found on Amazon has been such a treat, my kiddos love using it!

Casey Wiegand ice cream ball maker recipes How to use:

No electricity is needed, and it only takes about 30 minutes to make ice cream! This is the perfect amount of time to keep my younger kiddo’s attention.

Fill with cream, sugar, vanilla, ice, and rock salt. Gently roll/ play to keep it moving until frozen! There are also mixes available too! It comes with simple instructions, which is a huge bonus! It makes a fairly small amount, so you might want to make twice for a bigger family!

I found this simple to clean and I really think this is something we will use time and time again! It is a great screen-free activity for kiddos, and I also love that it further builds a passion for making our own food. They are never too young to start cultivating this skill!

ice cream ball makerIce Cream Ball Maker Recipes

+ Cocoa powder for a chocolatey base! +

+ Chocolate chips and mini cookie dough bites! +

+ A drop or two of mint essential oil and chocolate chips! +

+ Fresh strawberries, cheesecake mix, and vanilla wafers for strawberry cheesecake! +

+ Crushed up oreos and a little extra vanilla for a cookies and cream flavor! +

The ice cream ball maker can be a fun family activity. Let each kid pick their own recipe, then have an ice cream sundae party! You could taste test, have fixings for banana splits, or sundaes complete with all of the toppings. This is fun for the summer but could also be the perfect rainy day activity!

You can find my Amazon Storefront here and the Ice cream Ball link here
and my full Amazon KIDS list here!


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Casey Wiegand recipes for ball ice cream makerrecipes for ball ice cream


March 6, 2023


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