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home music studio pin 3home music studio designhome music studio ideasHome Music Studio Reveal

My husband, Chris, is truly the most creative and talented person that I know, he inspires me every day with his vision and passion for the projects that he takes on. Chris has been wanting a space at our home that would allow him to work, create, and record at any time of day. It was important to create a space that felt inspiring and like a reflection of the kind of work that Chris wants to make, enter our pool house turned home music studio!

If you are new to following along with our family, Chris is a filmmaker and also a musician. He’s always creating something, which is why we knew he would need a dedicated space at home for filming and a home music studio room! Chris took on a ton of work to convert the former pool house on our property into a studio for him. We are so happy with the way that it turned out!

home music studio smallhome music studio ideas small spacesA Few Of The Elements That We Are Loving In His Home Music Studio

+ Instrument Racks +

I love the custom racks that Chris installed for all of his guitars and string instruments. Music is dear to Chris’s heart, and I love to see that his instruments are front and center, and something that he can easily reach for when inspiration strikes! These are perfect for home music studio design and home music studio aesthetic.

+ Cozy Furniture +

I know that Chris wanted this to feel like a hangout space! Whether he is collaborating for work or wants our kiddos to join in, ample comfortable seating was a must!

+ Dedicated Workspace +

A large corner desk gives him plenty of room to work and create in this space. This turned out to be the perfect home music studio desk, that Chris is sure to spend many hours at!

+ Funky lighting +

We love all of the vintage lamps, the Edison bulb fixture, and mood lighting throughout the space. Creating an overall ambiance is so important for creative workspaces!

+ Art & Meaningful Collections +

Displaying special art, photographs, collections of pieces from films he has made etc. gives inspiration and serves as a reminder for all that he has worked on and will continue to create along the way!

+ Comforts of Home +

We added layered rugs, a diffuser, a kitchenette, and cozy paint colors. These make this space feel like an extension of our home.  Somewhere that Chris feels at peace hanging out and working in!

When looking for inspiration we looked at larger spaces as well as small. Home music studio decor, home music studio ideas small spaces, and more to find ideas for Chris’s home studio.

I am so happy with the way that this space turned out, but most of all Chris is really enjoying having his studio up and running! I love that our home has so many spaces that are a reflection of each of us, it’s always been my wish that each of us would feel represented and like a big part of our home!


Casey Wiegand

home music studio aesthetichome music studio home music studio setup


March 15, 2023


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