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healthy living checklist pin 3healthy living checklistHealthy Living Checklist

So much changed for our family when we decided to make simple switches for healthier living! For us, ditching from our old products and switching to plant based alternatives with Young Living was a total game changer! Today I’m sharing my healthy living checklist!

This doesn’t have to happen all at once, it’s important not to feel overwhelmed and like you need to change everything right away. I recommend making a checklist, and starting with a few products per month. We use Young Living’s monthly order program called Loyalty Rewards. We get to try new products each month, earn points, and get loyalty rewards gifts as well.

You can choose to start with one area of your home or routine per month like cleaning products, supplements, personal care, beauty, kids and baby products and more! I’ve created checklists to simplify this process for you!

Casey Wiegand healthy living daily checklistChecklist For Healthy Living

For wellness start with vitamins, probiotics, water flavoring, energy drinks, chest rub, cough drops and muscle rub. YL has incredible versions of each of these that we have replaced what we were using before with!

healthy living daily checklistChanging Up Bathroom And Personal Care Products

For your bathroom replace hand soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, mouthwash and the cleaner you are using. If you haven’t tried Thieves cleaner yet, I highly recommend!

Personal care and cosmetics can be a place where a lot of greenwashing happens. This is when labels give the impression that something is clean or organic, but really there might be hidden harmful ingredients. I recommend starting with skincare, lotions, deodorant, face wash, makeup remover, shave cream, perfumes, lip balm, foundation, concealer, primer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and more. Again, just taking these products one by one and switching them out can feel super empowering!

checklist for healthy livingMaking A Difference In The Kitchen

The kitchen is another area where we may feel overwhelmed on where to start. I say the first and best change you will make is to Thieves Cleaner. It’s an amazing multipurpose cleaner. We have replaced pretty much all of our cleaners with this one cleaner. It lasts long and works really well! Other things to ditch and switch in the kitchen would be dish soap, hand soap, dishwasher detergent, fruit and veggie wash.

Thieves has an entire line of these products, so you know that you can trust what you are using in your kitchen around your food and family! The kitchen is also a great place to display your healthy living daily checklist, you can print this one and keep it in a cabinet or on the fridge!

Casey Wiegand healthy living checklist Laundry Room Essentials

The laundry room is another great area of focus. Start with laundry soap, dryer sheets (replace with wool dryer balls and lavender essential oil!), ditch those fabric softeners and scent boosters!

Small changes can make a world of difference. I am forever grateful for the changes that we made within our home, it’s felt empowering to be a gatekeeper of what products we allow into our doors!


Casey Wiegand Casey Wiegand checklist for healthy living healthy living ditch and switch


March 3, 2023


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