Bunny Bread Bowl

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With Easter around the corner, I’m looking for fun recipes to add to our menu and celebration. Easter is such a special season for our family, one that we reflect a lot on, and gather together to celebrate.

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Holidays are something that I look forward to, they have a piece of my heart! I am always looking forward to the memories made and the quality time together!

This Easter we will be making bunny bread bowls these can be used for lots of different things on your easter table! We will be using our bunny bread bowl dip easter appetizer as almost edible table decor! They are festive and cute, and yummy!

Casey Wiegand bunny bread bowlbunny bread bowl dip easterHere’s What You’ll Need For Your Bunny Bread Bowl

+ 1 Dinner Roll +

+ 2 Chocolate Chips +

+ 1 Pink M&M +

+1 Italian Bread Boulle +

+ Toothpicks +


1. Using a circular object (cookie cutter, large cup, etc.) cut a circle out of the top of the bread boule leaving about a 1-inch triangle of the top crusted area of the bread boule, to secure the bunny head (roll), saving some of the inside bread for a bunny tail.

2. Scoop out bread leaving a small amount of bread inside to absorb any liquid put inside early on, to help keep it from seeping outside quicker.

3. With scissors, clip 2 long V-shaped slices from the edges of one of the soft baked rolls. These are bunny ears. You can also shape the tops to be rounded, not pointed.

4. With a knife, slice two spots where the ears can be inserted into the other roll. Insert a toothpick into the bread of the ear and the other end of the toothpick, into the top slot of the roll, where no toothpick is showing for either ear.

5. Using the point of the chocolate chip, push them down into the bunny head, for the eyes.

6. Carve a small area out to push in the bunny nose (pink M&M). Fill boule with a thick low liquid vegetable soup or a festive dip that can easily be colored with food coloring, if desired. Add yummy bread bowl dip of your choice!

bunny bread bowl Casey WiegandCasey Wiegand bunny bread bowl dip easter appetizer Tips For A Special Easter Spread

+ Set your table in advance! +

I start working on this the week beforehand. It helps make the weekend and any food prep more simple. I get out my favorite linens, decor, table settings etc. and take my time arranging everything.

+ Florals! +

These are such a big part of our Easter decor, all things spring with pastels and colorful pretty blooms!

+ Create a menu and grocery shop! +

I start working on our menu two weeks in advance. This helps me to plan out grocery trips and any food prep.

+ Add sweet Easter touches! +

Bunnies, eggs, chicks, meaningful messages that we hold dear this time of year. I love to layer these into our table settings!

Wishing you a beautiful season and Easter celebration with your loved ones!

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March 27, 2023


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