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young living skin care pinyoung living skin care routineYoung Living Skin Care Favorites

Taking care of my skin has become even more of a priority for me in recent years! Having natural and effective products that I can trust and see a difference in my skin when I use them has been huge for me! I absolutely love Young Living skin care, they have several lines that take into account multiple different skin types. I love that anyone can mix and match to get the perfect combination!

young living skin care Young Living Skin Care Routine

+ Balance Toner +

Reduces the appearance of pores in only 15 minutes, provides an eight-hour mattifying effect, balances the skin’s microbiome, and helps minimize the appearance of blemishes with gentle, naturally derived ingredients!

+ Art Cleanser +

ART Gentle Cleanser uses a gentle foaming action to help clear away dirt and impurities with skin-loving premium essential oils sure to leave your face refreshed and radiant.

+ Bloom Essence +

Bloom Brightening Essence supports your skin’s barrier function, reduces the appearance of pores, and leaves your skin refreshed and radiant. This is one of my favorite products of Young Living for skin care.

+ CBD Beauty Boost +

Pure, potent CBD and essential oils help maintain an even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in every drop of CBD Beauty Boost for a more youthful glow and it is infused with essential oils for skin care young living.

+ Frankincense EO +

A skin loving essential oil that I roll on our pat into my face daily! A game changer! Truly one of my favorite Young Living oils for face and skin care.

Grab these Young Living Products here!

essential oils for skin care young livingDIY Young Living Skin Care Recipes

I love to make my own skincare and serums. Here are a few ways that I use oils to DIY my own products.

1. I love to roll Frankincense essential oil directly onto my skin.

YL sells roller fitments that go right on top of your oil bottle. I can’t get enough of rolling this on my forehead and smile line areas.

2. Make toners!

I use witch hazel, purified water, and then add my favorite skin loving oils like Manuka, lavender, and tea tree.

3. Add oils to a facial steam!

Whether you have a facial steamer, or you make a bowl of hot water, add your oils and then tent it with a towel and hold your face above the steamy water. This will open your pores, and let the oils in to really absorb well.

4. Make skin glow serum essential oil.

Use the carrier oil of your choice, I prefer jojoba for my skin, and add the essential oils that work best for your skin! Blue tansy is a must! I’ll be sharing my favorite skin glow serum diy recipe below!

diy young living skin careThe Dreamiest Skin Serum: Blue Renew Serum

Say hello to your best skin ever!


+Grab Your Oils And A Glass Dropper Bottle +

In a 1 or 2 oz. glass dropper bottle (grab on amazon) combine jojoba oil, 5 drops of Geranium + 3 drops Blue Tansy.

 + Use Before Bed Each Night +

After washing your face (we recommend the charcoal bar and mint satin facial scrub) put a few drops of the renewal serum in your hands and apply evenly to skin and neck.

Click over to add these Young Living oils to your collection!

young living skin care recipesFavorite Skin Care Must Haves

I love having a custom list of DIY young living skin care recipes!

+ Skin Care Fridge +

I like to keep my favorite products in this fun skin care fridge. The cool temperature preserves the vitamins and antioxidants that degrade when exposed to light and heat. How cute does this look a vanity or bathroom counter?

 + Facial Steamer +

Try this skincare fridge to take your skincare products to the next level. I am obsessed with this facial steamer! It is a must have to purge your pores and allow your skin to absorb your favorite skincare.

+  Portable Makeup Bag And Bottles +

When I am on the go I always reach for this sweet makeup bag and travel bottles to carry my skincare in!

+ Wellness Accessories and Diffusers +

If you are looking for droppers, rollers, roller organizers, glass spray bottles, or diffusers you can find my complete list of wellness accessories here!

I hope you guys enjoy these Young Living skincare products as much as I do! Don’t forget to tag me if you try these! I love seeing all of your amazing skin care creations!!


Casey Wiegand young living for skin


February 13, 2023


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