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I’m forever on the hunt for ways to make mealtimes a breeze, and fun for our kiddos. This can be challenging when they are smaller, especially if you may have a more choosey eater. We’ve tried so many fun plates, and I am sharing my favorite snack trays for kids here!

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movie night snack trays for kidsCasey Wiegand movie night snack trays for kidsTips for Mealtime Fun

+ Choose an interactive tray or plate! +

These can really make your kiddo feel engaged in mealtime! These are fun as snack trays for kid’s party food, too!

+ Picks and Skewers are fun! +

Different ways than traditional utensils can be a great way to start out.

+ Cookie and Sandwich cutters are awesome! +

I love to cut their sandwiches or fruit, or even make lunchables with cheese cut outs for them. This really makes mealtime more fun!

+ Little containers and compartments! +

Some kids want their food separate and not touching, I totally get it! Trays or bento boxes with sections can be a lifesaver!

+ Add sauces and dips! +

This works wonders. Veggie dips, ketchup, flavorful sauces, dips, and salsas can encourage our choosey eaters to try new things!

snack trays for kids partysnack trays for kids Casey Wiegand More than anything, having a flexibility and making mealtimes calm and fun is the name of the game over here! It has made all the difference in getting my kiddos to venture out and try new foods.

All of these fun trays for kids and mealtime favorites have made food extra fun and engaging as well! For my Amazon Kids List and for my full storefront!  We use these for  party, healthy snacks for kids, and movie nights for kids too!


Casey Wiegand

healthy snack trays for kidsCasey Wiegand healthy snack trays for kidssnack trays for kids


February 6, 2023


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