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A girls trip in Nashville calls for fun fashion! The outfits that I might not pull out for a weekend at home are the perfect combination of feminine/ western inspired/ and of course a little bit of glitz. After all, you can bring the sequins and fringe out to play in Nashville! So I am sharing my Nashville outfits from amazon!

I headed to Nashville with my three daughters and my sweet cousin and met up with dear friends and their daughters. Knowing that we would be checking out hot spots like White Limozeen and staying at The Graduate Hotel, so I did not hold back on my most colorful and girly fashion!

I share all of my Nashville Girls Trip favorites for Amazon here

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Honestly, Nashville is one of those cities where you can really be daring with fashion. I love all things pink, I’m not afraid of sequins, cowboy boots, fringe jackets, playful accessories, western hats, and more — so this was a super fun trip for me to pack for. The Graduate Hotel has lots of portraits of our favorite female country music stars, so I felt like I was paying homage by dressing the part!

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+ An Oversized Rainbow Sequin Top (SO FUN!) +

Paired with white converse and a neutral hat. I let the top be the star of the show!

+ A Babydoll Pink Dress With Puffy Sleeves +

Dressed down with a cowboy hat. This would be perfect for a bachelorette!

+ The CUTEST Silver Fringe Skirt +

Paired with a black fringe top — this was probably one of my top Nashville outfits on Amazon. In my opinion, the more fringe the merrier! I was living my best Nashville life in this outfit. Loved this with higher boots!

+ Bandana Print Puffer Jacket+

It can be cool in Nashville this time of year, especially at night so this jacket was the perfect fit!

+ All Of The Cutest Pajamas! +

My girls and I had sleepover party vibes each night with matching PJs, dance parties, fun snacks, games, movies — so many special memories!

+ A Playful Casual Day Outfit +

Jeans and a hot pink fringe jacket! I put this over the top of a Nashville logo t-shirt and wore a black cowboy hat, and paired with some of my favorite sneakers. This was easy to get around in, but still had some Nashville flair!

I recommend packing a variety of styles for your Nashville trip! You can really rock pretty casual clothing most of the time, but for girls nights out, or fun dinners I say add some extra glam! Nashville is a fun city to go all out with your fashion!

Remember to check out all of my Nashville Girls Trip including Perfect Amazon Fashion Nashville Outfits

And my full Amazon Storefront here!


Casey Wiegand 

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February 27, 2023


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