Nashville Girls Weekend

nasvhille girls weekend pin 3Casey Wiegand Nashville girls weekend Casey Wiegand nashville girls weekendnashville girls weekend outfitsCasey Wiegand girls weekend outfits 1nashville girls weekend 2Nashville Girls Weekend

I’m still smiling when I think about our Nashville girls weekend! It was a joy to take my three daughters and sweet cousin to Tennessee for a fun weekend getaway!

I was headed to Nashville for Collab Bash, a work event for me, but with so many of my dearest friends! We all decided to bring our daughters, and it was such a sweet time to see them experience all of the fun Nashville offers!

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I had little surprises along the way for the girls, and it made my mama heart truly giddy! The last time I was in Nashville I kept thinking how much my girls would LOVE it and I could not wait to bring them with me for the next trip. How right I was! They really were in awe of so many of the places that we got to see.

When packing I made sure to throw in Nashville girls weekend outfits that suited any weather and occasion. Depending on your season the weather changes quite a bit so you would want specific outfits for your Nashville girls weekend that match the season.

You might also want to plan ahead depending on the purpose of your trip and have things made like Nashville girls weekend cups and Nashville girls weekend gift bags.

nashville girls weekend casey wiegand nashville girls weekend itinerary 1nashville girls weekend 4nashville girls weekend itinerarynashville girls weekend shirts 4Casey Wiegand nashville girls weekend 4Our Stay at The Graduate Hotel

We stayed at The Graduate Hotel, which I highly recommend for a girls weekend! We were lucky enough to stay in the Dolly suite for part of our visit! The girls were SO excited, it was the perfect Nashville girls weekend aesthetic! We had hotel dance parties, matching PJs, movie nights — just such a perfect girly sleepover vibe. These are memories I hope that my girls always hold onto!

nashville girls weekend itinerary 5nashville weekend intinerarynashville girls weekend outiftswiegands nashville girls weekend nashville girls weekend shirts 1nashville girls weekend 3Tips For Hotel Stays with Littles

One tip that helped us a ton was ordering groceries to our hotel! I had ingredients for PB & J sandwiches, muffins, other breakfast items, snacks — simple things that were easy to take on the go or to eat before heading out for the day.

Another thing that we did for our Nashville girls trip itinerary that was super fun was just heading to the mall and going to a few of our normal favorite spots including Claires. The girls were so excited by this! We got some activities for in the room and some fun girly things for them. A great tip when traveling with littles, is to either pack or shop for activities for in the hotel room.

nashville girls weekend outfits 6nashville girls weekend itinerarynashville girls weekend outfits 4nashville girls weekend 6nashville girls weekend shirts 5nashville girls weekend itineraryOur Favorite Restaurants On The Nashville Food Scene

We went to Pancake Pantry for lunch, it was delicious! Another favorite spot for breakfast/ brunch is Biscuit Love in the Gulch. Highly recommend! We visited L&L Market and then headed to Collab Bash! I brought the girls for part of this so that they could see what my work trips are like, and so that they could see my friend’s daughters too! They were so sweet and excited to be part of everything.

One of the nights we did an early dinner at White Limozeen, this is a great tip — any restaurant that seems more for adults, call ahead and ask but usually early reservations are kid friendly! We went at 4:45 and it was perfect for my kiddos!

It was a quick trip, but we packed a lot in and really had the best time! My advice: take the girls trip! Make the memories! You won’t regret it!

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Casey Wiegand

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February 20, 2023


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