Ainsleigh’s Girls Bathroom Reveal

girls bathroom pin 3girls bathroom Ainsleigh’s Girls Bathroom Reveal

I’ve had so much fun sharing some of the spaces in our home that I don’t show as much! Giving tours of the kiddo’s bathrooms has been a great way to showcase their unique styles and what we’ve chosen together for each of them. Today I’m revealing Ainsleigh, our oldest daughter’s girls bathroom.

Ainsleigh has such a sweet spirit! She is such a loving person, and has grown SO much in the past few years! I really wanted her bedroom and bathroom to feel like a reflection of her. Something that she could grow into and would feel most comfortable. I really kept this in mind when choosing girls bathroom decor and creating a girls bathroom design.

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I can’t believe Ainsleigh is already at the age where she will start to get ready for dances, friend hangouts, football games and all of middle and high school fun. It happens in a blink! I thought of her getting ready with friends in this space and wanted to make it girly, sophisticated, and like a sanctuary for her.

girls bathroom decor Feminine Touches For A Girls Bathroom

Ainsleigh’s bathroom has a beautiful pink floral and wildlife wallpaper — such a touch of whimsy for her space. I think it’s timeless while still being girly and fun, I kept this in mind when searching for girls bathroom wallpaper ideas! There are so many sweet options to go with for girls bathroom wallpaper. I love that she has a built in vanity with a stool in her bathroom. Perfect for doing her hair and makeup.

Like the other bathrooms, I kept the main aspects neutral and had them fit our home’s style. The tile, countertops, cabinets, sconces and overall feel really flows nicely with our home.

Ainsleigh has plenty of storage that will grow along with her when she continues to get more into skincare, makeup, and beauty for her girls bathroom vanity. I love that she will be able to stay organized in this space and currently has plenty of room to grow into it.

girls bathroom designTile Inspiration

I fell head over heels for the tile in this room. It’s a mosaic style of tile that almost looks like basket weave from far away, but closer up you can see the little details. It works well as girls bathroom tile, but really could be used in a more grown up space as well. Her sconces are brass and lucite, which I felt gave a glam vive, perfect for a girl’s bath!

girls bathroom Bathroom Decor And Organization Ideas

We made sure to stock up her new space with all of the essentials — our favorite Young Living skincare, natural makeup, and personal care products. Lots of little organizers and holders for her tooth brush, cotton swabs, and all of the necessities. You can never have enough girls bathroom organization. We got fresh towels, a mirrored tray, a makeup mirror, baskets and more top complete her space.

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Casey Wiegand 

girls bathroom wallpaper ideasgirls bathroom amazon


February 24, 2023


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