Girls Bathroom Ideas (Apple’s Reveal)

girls bathroom ideas pin 1Girls Bathroom Ideas: Apple’s Reveal

After our renovation, I’ve been sharing more room reveals, including our kiddo’s bathrooms! Apple’s bathroom is one of my favorites and such a sweet sanctuary for her. I wanted to give you all the details here and a few amazing girls bathroom ideas!

Each of our children has a connecting bathroom in their bedroom. I love that they have their own spaces to grow into. I tried to make each bathroom neutral, a reflection of each kiddo, and cohesive with their bedroom decor!

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Casey Wiegand girls bathroom ideasApple’s Whimsical Bathroom

Apple has the most whimsical blue floral wallpaper, it really cozied up her space. I think it’s feminine, timeless, and fits Apple’s personality. Her floor tile is also some of my favorite in the house and has a floral pattern that mimics the tile.

I kept her vanity neutral, but with fun lucite and brass hardware. Her countertops are a pretty stone, that felt like it would stand the test of time. I truly adore her floral scones! I thought they were the perfect fun touch to tie everything together!

Apple loves blue, so even though we didn’t use girls bathroom ideas pink, there are tons of cute ones online if you are looking for inspo!

girls bathroom ideas girlyFeminine Girls Bathroom Ideas

These are a few things that I like to focus on when designing a girl’s bathroom space!

+ A little bit of whimsy and glam! +

I think we all sort of want this in our bathroom space where we will spend time getting ready. There’s something so special about layering in a whimsical touch.

+ Fresh towels that match the theme. +

I think starting fresh with new towels really completes a space!

+ Consider a fun shower curtain! +

You can bring in a lot of color and pattern through a shower curtain. I adore this peach one! This is nice for girls bathroom ideas small too, because it’s a great way to add personality into a smaller space!

+ Stock up the shower and bath!+

Bath bombs, let them pick their favorite shower gel, depending on their age you could put some lip glosses, nail polishes or makeup. This will get them extra excited to use their space!

+ Wallpaper or a pretty wall color +

Pretty paint or wallpaper can really make any space feel like their own, and feel a bit more youthful or girly than some of the other rooms in your home! Bathrooms can be a place of expression in the home too!

girls bathroom ideas sisters

No matter what style you are in search of ideas for every design idea on this list can work for you! Don’t forget to visit my Little Girl Bathroom Amazon List for some of my favorite items for a girly bathroom and my Amazon Storefront for everything else!


Casey Wiegand

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February 15, 2023


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