Boys Bathroom Design For Aiden

boys bathroom pin 3 Boys Bathroom Design For Aiden

You guys have been asking to see more peeks of our sweet Aiden’s room, as I give lots of girl room inspo here! I haven’t shared much on Aiden’s bathroom, and am excited to give you a glimpse inside of his space. You guys are going to want to snag all of the boys bathroom design inspo from this sweet space!

boys bathroom ideasCreating Kid’s Spaces that Reflect their Individuality

When renovating our new home, making our kiddos’ rooms extra special was a top priority for me. I want their spaces to feel like a reflection of them, to be a place where they feel safe, cozy, and like they have their own little corner of the world. I tried to carry the themes of their bedrooms into each of their bathrooms as well.

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boys bathroom ideas teenagersNeutral & Timeless with Personality

When working on a child’s bathroom, I like to keep the core pieces pretty neutral and timeless. Things like their vanities, tile, lighting and fixtures I kept with the overall feel of the home. Art pieces, towels, rugs, wall color or wallpaper, and even lighting I am good with having a bit more freedom and fun with! These things are easy to change out as they grow, and don’t impact resale.

I’m a big believer on making your house into a home that YOU want to live in, and not focusing solely on resale — yet, I do think you can strike a balance with some of the more expensive and difficult to swap out fixtures.

boys bathroom ideas kidsFor Aiden’s bathroom I made it feel a bit more like it’s built for a boy with the following things:

+ Dark Vanity and Countertops +

This really sets his bathroom apart from his sisters’ bathrooms, yet it’s still a neutral and timeless look!

+ Geometric Wallpaper+

I thought the clean lines of the pattern of his wallpaper felt a bit more boyish than the floral papers that his sisters have. He loves it his boys bathroom wallpaper. I like how it mimics his boys bathroom tile. If you opt for paint, there are plenty of boys bathroom paint ideas from a dark green, to a light blue, or even neutrals that feel a bit more masculine!

+ Godzilla Art! +

I fell in love with this for Aiden, our reptile and Godzilla obsessed boy! A fun way to add personality that is simple to swap out! The addition of this and other boys bathroom decor really gave finishing touches!

We are really happy with the finished outcome, and most importantly Aiden loves his bathroom, and having a space like this of his own! Whether you’re needing boys bathroom ideas teenagers, boys bathroom ideas kid, or boys bathroom ideas toddler I think the basics will remain the same.

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Casey Wiegand 

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February 3, 2023


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