Airstream Covered Deck Reveal

airstream covered deck pin 1Airstream Covered Deck Reveal

We love a good project, and my husband Chris is incredible at bringing our visions to life! Chris has beautiful family land that we have parked our airstream on, and he decided to do a little revamp of the area, to make campouts with kiddos extra fun!

airstream covered deck 3Airstream Reno Turned Campsite!

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ve seen our airstream renovation. Chris took this project on, and traveled around the country in it! It’s such a special little space for us as a family, and we love to have campouts for the kids.

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Chris has family land, that we visit often, and enjoy nature together. We decided to park our airstream there so that we have a place to land when we are visiting!

airstream covered deck 2Kids Campouts Under the Stars

The kids decided that they would love to have friends and do campouts at the airstream, so Chris has been dreaming up ways to expand on the airstream and make it even more inviting for bonfires, camping, and hanging out!

airstream covered deck 1Awesome Airstream Covered Deck and Pavilion Takes Shape

In comes Chris’s vision to create a pavilion and deck! This keeps the airstream covered from weather and hot sun, and also allows for extra space when we are there together!

Chris and I talked this through, looked at airstream deck ideas, and he drew up plans, got needed materials and went to work! We are thrilled with how it turned out! It really feels like it’s own unique boutique camp site!

This new project makes trips to the family land that much more enjoyable for us all. More projects on this land may be in our future, but for now we are SO happy with what this pavilion and deck have done for the space!

This airstream deck and pavilion reveal was a labor of love, but thankfully Chris really enjoys projects like this, and has such a talent for making these visions into a reality!

I can’t wait to share more here when we visit the land and use this new space over the years!

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Casey Wiegand airstream covered deck


February 22, 2023


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