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A new year means fresh spaces and plenty of organization! I love nothing more than clearing things out, making everything feel refreshed, and bringing in new energy for the new year! This is exactly what we did with our updated pantry, I’m excited to show you!

Our updated pantry — or second kitchen space, is tucked off of our main kitchen. This room is a dream because when we are hosting we can keep most of the food prep, and dishes to be cleaned in this area, out of the main kitchen. It’s also a great room for appliances, storing some of our dishes and platters that aren’t for everyday use, and a great place to have drink and snack overflow! Be sure to check out my Amazon organization list for more of my favorites!

To refresh this space we added the sweetest wallpaper. I am loving this floral print! It really made things feel more finished and homey! I love that this pantry feels like its own little cozy kitchen!

We also have an updated pantry closet with open shelving that I absolutely adore! I keep some of my favorite dishes and vases in here, it’s functional and beautiful all at once! I’ve been thinking of adding an updated pantry door here!

I’m slowly adding different organizers to cabinets and drawers, and working to make everything have a home that makes sense! It takes time to move and settle in, especially after a renovation!

updated pantry ideasupdated pantry doorupdated walk in pantry Tips for organizing a pantry or kitchen space

+ Plan ahead! +

Really think about what you want out on the counter, what needs to be stored away, what you need access to easily, where in the kitchen you will use it etc. when making a plan for where everything will get put away in your updated kitchen pantry.

+ Contain items! +

Put like items with like items and try to have as many contained in bins, baskets, jars, etc. This will ensure that things get put away in their right place! I have lots of favorites on my Amazon organization list for more of my favorites!

+ Have a system! +

This is huge. Sometimes labeling helps. But if you have a system to where everything goes, you will be far more likely to keep up with it, fill your family in on the system and make sure anyone who puts things away after washing knows what’s what! This will keep your pantry looking good for weeks and months to come.

+ Refresh often. +

Take an afternoon once every few weeks to get things back in order. I find if I wait too long it becomes a huge chore, instead of a quick refresh. Whether you have an updated small pantry or a large one, taking the time to stay organized is key!

I will continue to share more organizing tips, updated pantry ideas, as well as favorites from Amazon on the blog and at this link: for my Amazon organization list  for more of my favorites!


Casey Wiegand

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January 9, 2023


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