Reindeer Chow Recipe

reindeer chow pin 1reindeer chowReindeer Chow Recipe

It’s the season for festive treats, and this reindeer chow does not disappoint! The perfect addition to a party spread, or for a cozy Christmas movie night!

My family loves reindeer chow, and it’s beyond simple to make this recipe with chex mix, so I love to have it on hand all throughout the holidays! I’ll serve this up with popcorn and cocoa for a cozy night at home, or I’ll add it to little baggies and top gifts for friends with a reindeer chow printable of the recipe. Super cute and definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Part of the fun of is you can really throw in what you love! Most any crunchy snack or a favorite cereal can work here! I love the combo of sweet and salty, but you could go all sweet if that’s what you prefer.

reindeer chow recipe holidaysHere Is My Reindeer Chow Recipe


+ Chex Cereal +

+ Cheerios +

+ Pretzel sticks +

+ M&Ms +

+ Peanut butter +

+ Chocolate Chips +

+ Powdered Sugar +

reindeer chow chex mix recipeDirections

Melt Chocolate chips and peanut butter and stir to combine.

You could also make it with white chocolate or without peanut butter!

Start by warming for 60 seconds, stir and keep adding 30 seconds until fully melted.

You’ll want this to look smooth with a shine to it. If you are making a reindeer chow recipe no peanut butter substitute white chocolate in or just keep it milk chocolate!

Put some of the cereal and pretzel sticks at bottom of a large bowl.

Pour chocolate peanut butter mixture over top, then alternate cereal, chocolate mixture, cereal chocolate mixture, etc. Mix it all together. Be sure the cereal is coated nicely with chocolate and peanut butter.

Allow to cool. Once mostly cooled, add powdered sugar. You’ll want a thin coating and to be sure most pieces aren’t clumped together. Allow to cool, add M&Ms or any other candies.



Casey Wiegand

reindeer chow recipe no peanut butterreindeer chow recipe


December 7, 2022


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