Matching Christmas Jammies And Dresses

Matching Christmas Jammies and Dresses

I’m soaking in this season with all that I have, each year feels more fleeting if I’m not intentional about being present. When I look back at photos from past Christmases I can see without a doubt, that this time is precious.

To have our kiddos all under one roof at Christmastime is such a gift. To watch them wake up and race to the tree on Christmas morning — I hope I can hold onto this magic for as long as possible, it’s not lost on me that these are the most special years!

This Time is a Gift

We hold tight to our favorite traditions, we allow space for new memories and new traditions during this season. Something that I hold onto and truly cherish is matching with my girls. Cozy Christmas jammies, or getting all dolled up together — these sweet sister memories that I get to be a part of as their mama. Truly, there’s nothing better!

Cherishing Christmastime Together

The ache of wanting to freeze time, I now look at with such gratitude — how blessed are we that we have a life that we love so dearly, that we wish these moments could go on forever? It’s bittersweet, but the sweetness rises to the top, especially this time of year. We are embracing all of the magic moments, and holding them close.

As Christmas approaches, I remind myself to seek peace, to have an open heart, to truly look upon my family and appreciate them as they are right now. We won’t get these moments back, but we can live them wholeheartedly right now.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with the ones that you hold most dear!


Casey Wiegand


December 20, 2022


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