Christmas Pancakes

christmas pancakes pin 2Christmas Pancakes

I love making Christmas magic, and what could be sweeter than these adorable Santa and reindeer pancakes!? My kids’ faces lit up when we made these — I’m sure they will become a staple of the holiday season for us!

christmas pancakes for kidsChristmas Pancakes For Kids

What You’ll Need

+ Your favorite pancake batter +

+ Bacon +

+ Strawberries +

+ Blueberries +

+ Bananas +

+ Marshmallows +

+ Chocolate Chips +

+ Whipped Cream +

christmas pancakesHow To Make Christmas Pancakes For Kids Breakfast

+ Prepare your pancake batter. +

+ Cook bacon. +

+ Get a griddle or griddle pan hot, and add cooking spray or butter. +

+ Create shapes that would work for a reindeer head, ears and nose, a Santa head and mustache. +

+ Assemble on a plate, first add pancakes, next add whipped cream, then assemble fruit and toppings as seen in photos to make eyes, hat, and a fun festive setup for Christmas pancakes ideas! +

+ Break apart your bacon to make antlers. +

+ Serve and enjoy! Such a cute Christmas pancakes aesthetic! +

Casey Wiegand christmas pancakesOur Favorite Pancake Batter Recipe To Use For Christmas Pancakes

(recipe from All Recipes)


+ Flour +

+ Baking powder +

+ Sugar +

+ Salt +

+ Milk +

+ Butter +

+ Egg +

casey wiegnad christmas pancakesInstructions

1. Sift the dry ingredients together.

2. Make a well, then add the wet ingredients. Stir to combine.

3. Scoop the batter onto a hot griddle or pan.

4. Cook for two to three minutes, then flip.

5. Continue cooking until lightly brown on both sides.

These are Christmas pancakes kids are sure to love! Make during the holiday season or for an extra special Christmas morning!

Casey Wiegand christmas pancakes Kids Tips For Hosting A Holiday Brunch With Guests

+ Think of recipes that you can make ahead! A fruit salad, a French toast bake, a frittata or quiche ready to put into the oven! +

+ Set out items the night before like pitchers for juice, plates and napkins, any table settings — this will make the morning a breeze! +

+ Have a variety of breakfast favorites. When it comes to brunch I like to have both sweet and savory options, sausage and bacon, toast, bagels, and some sweet options like French toast, pancakes or waffles. +

+ Don’t forget some lighter options! Fresh fruit, yogurt, granola — giving options is always appreciated. +

+ Fresh juices, coffee and tea add the finishing touch! +

Brunch is such a fun way to gather and enjoy a meal with a more casual set up! Especially with holiday guests and family, having brunch ideas on hand is always helpful!

I hope that these pancakes are a big hit with your kiddos just like they were for mine!


Casey Wiegand

christmas pancakes recipes


December 2, 2022


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