Thanksgiving Dessert Board

thanksgiving dessert board pin 3Casey Wiegand thanksgiving dessert board platterThanksgiving Dessert Board

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for festive treats, that are good for sharing with loved ones! Snack boards are such a great way to have lots of options for a crowd, and dessert boards are a sweet twist on this idea! I loved making this thanksgiving dessert board platter, and I can’t wait to put another one together on Thanksgiving day!

thanksgiving dessert board platterthanksgiving dessert board ideasThanksgiving Dessert Board Ideas

What You’ll Need:

A charcuterie board or platter like this pumpkin board or this rattan serving board
A variety of sweet treats like cookies, donuts, candies, mini pies, any of your faves! You can use these cocktail picks for smaller items too!

How To:

Arrange each item in sections on your platter, sprinkle smaller items like candy to fill in gaps, add a round glass or cup to the middle if you have items like long cookies or straws like these orange straws to prop them up like I did here! Perfect to serve on a dessert bar or to bring right to the table!

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thanksgiving dessert boardCasey Wiegand thanksgiving dessert boardMore Tips For Creating The Perfect Dessert Bar

+ Autumnal Table Linens +

– start with a long table and add a table cloth or layer two with earthy Thanksgiving tones!

+ Different Levels! +

Grab things like trifles, cake stands, even wood boxes to prop items up. Your dessert bar will look really special and appealing with everything staged this way.

+ A Variety Of Flavors! +

Apple pies, pumpkin pies, cookies, something a little less sweet, easy items to grab and go, and your dessert board — this is perfect to give everyone an option!

+ Add Florals Or Greenery! +

A bouquet or pretty centerpiece, or greenery laid flat like a table runner would be so pretty to take your dessert table to the next level!

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that these dessert boards are a hit for your family!


Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand thanksgiving dessert boardthanksgiving dessert board amazon


November 9, 2022


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