How To Preserve Pumpkins

preserve pumpkins pin 3Casey Wiegand preserve pumpkinsHow To Preserve Pumpkins + Fun Pumpkin Diffuser

I’m always finding new ways to use my favorite Young Living products, and I love to share them here! Spooky season is upon us, and we are making our home have all of the fall vibes!

There are few things that I get more excited for than holidays! It’s so important to me to make these moments extra special for my kiddos. There is really magic in the air this time of year!

preserve pumpkins young livingpreserve pumpkins carving Two fun ways to use YL this October

+ Make a diffuser pumpkin or haunted house! +

Take a look at your local home decor store. There are lots of cute pumpkins and haunted houses out right now, another fun idea is a cauldron. See if you can find one that your diffuser would fit into, that has am opening a the top to let the mist come out.

I found this adorable jack-o-lantern, I spray painted it white and tucked my diffuser right in. You could even drill a hole for your cord. I love how this looks at night, I put the orange glow on and it adds the perfect spooky touch. Even better, fill with your favorite fall blend!

+ Preserve pumpkins with Thieves! +

Have y’all tried the Thieves Fruit & Veggie Wash? It’s one of my favorite products! We wash our produce in this every time we bring it home. We also use this to preserve our pumpkins! Whether you leave them as is or preserve pumpkins carving before you create a jack o lantern, this will do the trick!

Simply fill your sink with warm water, and add a capful of Thieves while it fills up. Add your pumpkins in, swish around, then give a good rinse and pat dry! A great way to preserve pumpkins for outside or to preserve pumpkins for decor! I used to preserve pumpkins with vinegar, but I love Thieves more and bonus it smells like fall!

I hope that these tips work for you!


Casey Wiegand

preserve pumpkins for decorpreserve pumpkins Casey Wiegand


October 10, 2022


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