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Photography Tips (Capturing Special Moments)

A few weeks ago we had the immense joy of witnessing three of our children’s baptisms. This moment is etched forever on my heart, as truly one of the most special days I’ve had as a mother. I thought it would be fun to share some photography tips to help you capture special moments like this.

I am so proud of each of our children, and watching them commit themselves to God in this way was such a blessing. Chris got to hold each of them in this moment, and we all got to be in the water together as a family. Being with our church this day was such a representation of love and community.

It was important to us to have these memories captured to last a lifetime, and I believe that anytime we can invest in photography in this way it is beyond worth it! These are moments I will hold dear forever, and these images really are true to what it felt like to be there that day. My BEAUTIFUL friend, Beckley, every time takes my breath away with her ability to capture the emotion in our memories.

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Here Are A Few Photography Tips And Tricks For Documenting Special Moments

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+ Grab Candid and Photojournalist Style images +

Posed photos are lovely, and framable, but my heart is really drawn to those candid moments filled with emotion. Anytime that you can step back in the moment and snap pictures of your family simply living — these are priceless images!

Casey Wiegand photography tips

+ Capture Movement +

Whenever possible look for movement in the moment. This tells a story and really draws our eyes into the photo.  Capturing movement is not exclusive to using a more expensive camera through photography tips canon. Your iphone is an excellent tool to capture movement!

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+ Genuine Emotion is Best +

Forced smiles aren’t always where it’s at! In the same way that candid moments are important, genuine emotion — laughter, or even tears, really lends itself to an authenticity that will withstand the test of time. These images will transport you back into that moment. So make sure to pause before you tell everyone to smile. Take it all in, and capture what is really happening before your eyes!

Casey Wiegand photography tips

+ Consistent Editing +

Find what you are most drawn to, and try to stick to a consistent photo editing flow. Don’t over edit, add just enough to make your image pop and to feel more compelling. Try to use the same type of preset or edits throughout. You can find more details on editing with Lightroom which is my preferred method. You can also find photography tips iphone camera hacks and photography tips for beginners phone on Pinterest or Youtube!

photography tips iphone camera hacks+ Composition Matters +

The more that you photograph and pay attention to images that you love, the more that composition will come into play for you. You can learn this through photography sites about photography tips for beginners, or use your creativity, but the way in which you frame an image in camera, or crop the image while editing, can really make the subject matter shine.

I am grateful for these beautiful photographs of such a special day. I will forever keep these memories close to my heart.


Casey Wiegand 

Casey Wiegand photography tipsphotography tips for iphone




October 21, 2022


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