Laundry Room Hacks To Try

     laundry room hacks pin 1 laundry room hacks diy 1Laundry Room Hacks To Try

I’ve really enjoyed settling in and making our new house a home! I’ve been working on our laundry room most recently, doing all of the things to make it more functional in an aesthetically pleasing way.

With 4 kiddos, I spend plenty of time in our laundry room! I haven’t fully found an easy button for the amount of laundry that has to get done — but, I have found some hacks along the way that have really made a big difference in keeping up with laundry, and making it as enjoyable as possible!

No matter the size of your laundry room, there are some simple things that you can do to update it, and to make the chore feel less of a dreaded task!

laundry room hacks farmhouselaundry room hacks diyA few laundry hacks/ ideas for improving your laundry space:

+ Clean Space! +

Take the time to start with a clean space. A good deep cleaning of the floors, wipe things down, clean your machines. Just starting fresh is huge! A few laundry room hacks diy can make all of the difference!

+ Decorate your Space. +

If you have the ability to add a fresh coat of paint or a fun wallpaper this can really improve the feel of the room! Add plants or florals, maybe some framed photos, a cute area rug — anything to bring some brightness or life into your space! Add a diffuser! I love this diffuser!

+ Stock up! +

Get laundry soap, dryer balls like these wool dryer balls, stain sticks, linen spray — anything that you want to make or purchase I recommend having a nice back stock. Being able to pull what you need when you need it is really helpful!

+ Keep laundry needs on hand too! +

A steamer, iron, wrinkle spray (you can diy this!), lint roller etc. anything you may need when finishing up laundry so that it is ready to wear. I love stocking this all in our laundry room! This glass apothecary jar dispenser is so pretty!

+ Use pretty containers. +

Glass jars, large dispensers with spouts, pump jars, rolling laundry basket. This gold rolling laundry basket is gorgeous, collapsable laundry baskets, pretty trays etc. Take the time to choose what you want to add in, and make it pretty! I find when things are aesthetically pleasing I am so much more at peace during those tasks. Add labels too if you need them like these set of labels for jars & bottles!

laundry room hacks organizing ideaslaundry room hacks organizing ideas

Whether your space is more of a laundry room hacks farmhouse or even a laundry room hacks modern — these ideas will still translate well in your home.

These are a few simple ideas for improving your laundry room and laundry room hacks organizing ideas! One of my big life hacks for keeping up with laundry is to always start and end the day throwing a load in or rolling one over. It makes a huge difference for us!

For more of my favorites check out my Laundry Room List:



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October 31, 2022


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