Gift Wrapping Hacks For The Season

gift wrapping hacks pin 1the caseyleigh co gift tagsgift wrapping hacks tutorial Gift Wrapping Hacks For The Season

Two of my favorite things — the holidays and gift giving! It’s no wonder I love wrapping special presents and enjoying the whole process! I thought it would be fun to share some of my go to gift wrapping hacks with you all!

When wrapping gifts, I like to start early, and I think organization helps a ton. I like to get all of my supplies together in one place, so that I can see what I have and what I might need to order. Preparing ahead of time is key!

gift wrapping hacks for clothesGift Wrapping Hacks You Need For Christmas

gift wrapping hacks tips casey wiegand+ Multiple Coordinating Papers +

I love to mix and match patterns and colors like I would when decorating a home. A solid color, an intricate print, a more simple print — repeating colors and an overall vibe, but allowing space for fun and whimsy. I also love to repeat colors in ribbon/bows/adornments.

gift wrapping hacks for clothes casey wiegand+ Different Papers for each Kiddo +

This is a fun hack! I started doing for Christmas morning where each kiddo has their own wrapping paper. Makes opening gifts so simple, and knowing right away what is for who! You can organize everything here — hanging wrapping paper organizer!

Casey Wiegand gift wrapping hacks+ Unusual Adornments +

Don’t think that you just have to buy the bows from the Christmas aisle! I love browsing the ribbon sections at craft stores all season long, also think little gold bells, wooden gift tags, cinnamon sticks, evergreen etc. All can be tucked into ribbon! Christmas washi tape is a fun addition, too!

gift wrapping hacks videos+ Plenty of Boxes +

Start with what you need, that’s key. I try to make sure that I have plenty of boxes in various sizes and shapes, so that when it’s time for a wrapping session, I’m not scrambling! This will also help for gift wrapping hacks odd shapes.

gift wrapping hacks odd shapes casey wiegand+ Supply Restock +

Same goes for supplies! I make sure to have fresh tape, scissors that cut well, all of my ribbon etc at the ready. I usually work on a large surface like a kitchen table or island. Having everything I need on hand makes my job so much easier. I like having something like this to hold onto everything — wrapping paper storage box.

gift wrapping hacks Christmas+ Mix in Gift Bags +

Sometimes gift bags make sense, and really speed up the process! I usually have a lot to wrap, so I am happy to add in a few gift bags. Nothing wrong with that! You can even find some that coordinate beautifully with your paper. These are sweet drawstring bags. Bags are also a great option for gift wrapping hacks for clothes.

gift wrapping hacks odd shapes+ Youtube is Your Friend +

Do you feel like you struggle with the basics of a wrapping technique? There are so many great and quick youtube videos on wrapping basics, gift wrapping hacks videos and gift wrapping hacks tutorials. I swear, once you have it down it makes wrapping far easier and dare I say enjoyable! Take 5 minutes, you’ll thank yourself! This helps to make wrapping a breeze as well — tape holder / organizer  and these  clip and twist tape dispensers!

gift wrapping hacks tips+ Make it Fun! +

Wrapping doesn’t have to be a dreaded activity! After the kiddos go to bed, or when they are out of the house, put on your favorite Christmas movie, pour some cocoa, put out some cookies, fill your diffusers with a Christmasy blend, put on your coziest Christmas jammies and slippers — set the mood! You’ll feel like you’re in Santa’s workshop! 😉

Casey Wiegand gift wrapI hope that you find these gift wrapping hacks helpful!

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Casey Wiegandgift wrapping hacks casey wiegandgift wrapping hacks christmas casey wiegandgift wrapping hacks amazon


October 24, 2022


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