Fridge Organization Tips (Restock With Me)

fridge organization tips pinfridge organization tips casey wiegandFridge Organization Tips (Restock With Me)

It was time for a fridge cleanup and restock, and I decided to document it all! I find that we eat healthy and nourishing foods when our fridge is set up in an appealing and organized way. I thought I’d share some of my fridge organization tips!

My goal for our fridge was to make healthy foods easily accessible for snack and mealtimes! I grabbed some favorites for organization, deep cleaned the fridge, and bought groceries to keep it well stocked.

fridge organization tips hackstips for fridge organizationHere are a few fridge organization tips:

1. Contain items:

Grab containers, bowls, baskets — even items that you have on hand, to keep like things together. Putting everything all in one drawer stacked on top of each other does not make it easy to see what you have or to have grab and go options, and make for the perfect fridge organization aesthetic. These set of 8 different organizers are great. You can even find containers for fridge organization dollar store locations!

2. Stick with your favorites:

You know what your family enjoys most! Have a weekly restock of your most requested items, so that kiddos know their favorites are always on hand. I use these set of stackable drawers often for snacks!

3. A variety of beverage options!

We keep pitchers, cans of seltzer, baskets of Ningxia, any of our most loved beverages are always on hand. Love having these canned drink dispenser drawers for fridge organization drinks and these plastic refillable drink containers are really helpful to.

4. Tons of fresh produce!

I like to display ours like a Farmer’s Market or grocery store, Make that produce look extra appealing and you’ll all be reaching for more fruits and veggies throughout the day! These are really helpful hanging drawer organizers.

5. Deep clean between restocks.

A good wipe down does the trick, keeping your fridge and containers clean is obviously important health wise, but also aesthetically it makes everything feel more inviting and you’ll be far more likely to prepare something at home if its visually calling your name! Taking a fridge organization side by side is a big motivation!

Check out my organization Amazon list for more fridge organization hacks!


Casey Wiegand

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October 26, 2022


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