5 Disneyland Travel Tips

disneyland travel tips pindisneyland travel tips Casey WiegandDisneyland Travel Tips (5 Things You Need To Know)

They call Disney the most magic place on earth for good reason! It’s truly magical, and we had the most wonderful time as a family on our most recent trip, and I am here to share all of the Disneyland travel tips!

Casey Wiegand disneyland travel tips1. Plan ahead for outfits/ What you want to wear into the parks!

This sounds simple enough, but especially with our little girls we really wanted special Disney outfits, their favorite character dresses, and all of the special accessories.

My best tip is to plan and order well in advance, so that you have everything that you need for packing! We love to have all of the Disney outfits and PJs ready to come along with us!

disneyland travel tips the wiegands2. Make an itinerary/ must-see list!

You’d be surprised how overwhelming everything can feel when you first get to Disney. There’s SO much to see and do and it’s easy to get swept up in.

We had each kiddo write down their top 3 must see/ do and we brought a list along with us, so that we didn’t miss out on anything that was important to each of us.

disneyland travel tips 33. Wear Comfy Shoes!

This is an absolute must! Pack a couple of pairs of your most comfortable shoes so that you have options! You will walk a ton, even more than you think! So having good footwear will really be important.

disneyland travel tips 54. Stay at a Disney Property or a Hotel with a Disney Shuttle!

Staying at a Disney property is truly a magical experience! There are also hotels in the area that offer shuttles to the park. This adds such a convenience, if you can book one in advance! Definitely something to consider.

disneyland travel tips 15. Get a Park Hopper Pass!

We love being able to go between the parks, especially since we visit over multiple days. I highly recommend grabbing a pass where you can check out the different parks, especially if you have multiple kiddos with different interests!

Disneyland is always worth the trip! Remember to soak it all in, and to allow yourself to feel the childlike wonder whenever you can!


Casey Wiegand

disneyland travel tipsdisneyland travel tips 2


October 12, 2022


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