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spooky snack board pin 1spooky halloween snack boardspooky snack boardSpooky Snack Board

Fall is the perfect season for snack boards! We are always cozying up for a festive movie, or hosting friends for an evening of fun! These halloween spooky snack board ideas are perfect for your next autumn get together or movie night!

I like to collect wooden boards, grab your favorite or get a special fall board in a pumpkin or leaf shape to add an even more festive touch! Your spooky snack charcuterie board will be a go-to snack for this season!

I like to add fall favorite foods like apples, halloween candies/ candy corn, autumn cookies, anything pumpkin or cinnamon flavored and then two of the most adorable treats: mummy hot dogs and Twinkie mummy treats! These are super adorable and not too difficult to make!

Here’s the step by step to create your own mummy snacks!

wiegands spooky snack boardspooky snack board 1spooky snack board Casey WiegandFun Mummy Hot Dogs


+ 2 cans of crescent roll dough +

+ 8 long hot dogs +

+ 1 egg yolk +

+ Tiny flat sprinkle/candy eyes (Wilton or other) +


+ Preheat oven to 350 degrees +

+ Open crescent roll dough and lay it out flat on parchment or on cling wrap +

+ Pinch together the dough perforations and lightly roll over the dough once to smooth, with rolling pin. +

+ Using pizza cutter or knife, slice strips of dough about 1/3” to 1/2” wide. Set aside. +

+ Cut two 1” squares of dough. +

+ Cut the hot dog across the middle. +

+ Thin the squares at the edges and cover both ends of the cut hot dog. +

+ Slowly begin to wrap the strips of dough around the hot dog leaving an opening for the eyes. +

+ Secure by gently mashing the strip ends to dough already there. +

+ Brush dough with egg yolk, using a pastry brush, to make it turn a golden brown. +

+ Spray cookie sheet with nonstick oil. Place mummies 2” apart +

+ Bake for 12 minutes or until golden +

+ When ready to serve, moisten the back of the eyes and stick to hot dog in opening. +

Casey Wiegand spooky snack boardspooky snack charcuterie boardhalloween spooky snack boardTwinkie Mummy Treats


+ 1 box of vanilla or chocolate Twinkies +

+ Homemade or purchased white fondant +

+ Candy sprinkle eyes +


+ Roll out fondant fairly thin. Take one Twinkie. Cover both ends with a small piece of fondant about 1.5” square. +

+ Using a pizza cutter or knife, slice strips of fondant about 1/3” wide. Begin wrapping around Twinkie, using multiple strips, covering all except an opening for the eyes. Secure ends with a little water brushed under the end. +

+ Moisten the back of the eyes and gently mash them to open space on Twinkie. Continue with remaining twinkies. +
(Do not refrigerate fondant.)

Casey Wiegand spooky snack charcuterie board

Casey Wiegand spooky halloween snack boardspooky halloween snack boardBe sure to tag me if you give these fun treats a try!

Wishing you a happy fall, and a chance to soak in all things cozy this season!


Casey Wiegand

spooky snack board 2wiegands halloween spooky snack board


September 26, 2022


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